How did 5th grade change me???

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17 Mar

5th grade changed me more then I think it would’ve. I have a couple things on what changed me in 5th grade. What changed me in 5th grade is working hard on project’s and having dead lines that helps me to make it the best project I can make it but also have a time limit. So I think that 5th grade changed me in having more independence. Another thing that changed me in 5th grade would be being pushed hard in class. That makes me have confidence in my self. I also think that 5th grade matured me just in life because now my mom and dad can trust me for being responsible for watching my brothers sometimes. My bothers arent always happy about that but I think I’m a good babysitter. Thank you for reading this blog post. I really hoped you enjoyed it!!!




  1. Ellie (Guest)
    yes I did enjoy this post
  2. Hayden (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    Same here
  3. Sam (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I have a connection with your blog post, i also think 5th grade has pushed me to work harder and not turn in homework in latte. I really did like your blog post, thanks for sharing!!!
  4. Carman (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I Totally agree with you
  5. Emily (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I think 5th grade matured me too.
    I just need to learn a few more things then I will be ready for middle school.
    • Mackenzie
      I think I do to I just need to learn some more things, I agree with you.
  6. Hamdi (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I think 5th grade dose change you because that is the same thing that is happening to me.I like your post because I think it is true you have more independence,parents trust you more,and it matures you.
    • Mackenzie
      Thats exactly what I think to I defiantly agree with you.
  7. Jackson (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I enjoyed the post. I agree with you on helping with independence so I am ready for 6th grade. I am from Grand Forks,North Dakota.
    • Mackenzie
      I think that I am ready for 6th grade to.
  8. Lillian (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I’m from North Dakota. I can relate to that, to it made me more independence.
  9. Kylie (5th Grade Happenings in TH5)
    I agree with you. I’m from Grand Forks, ND. My sister isn’t always happy when I have to babysit her.
  10. Mary (Trenda/Kastner)
    Fifth grade changed me to. Fifth grase has been my favorite year so far.

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