What do teachers really do?

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2 May

I think what teachers really do is first of all, there job of course. And they teach us new things and sometimes they go of topic to teach us even cooler things. They also help us get through school and help us achieve new goals and old goals. Here’s what I think a good teacher is kind caring and funny. Good teachers give us consequences when we deserve them because, then we can learn respect and a lot of other things. Mrs.Ripp is a good teacher that’s what I think a good teacher is like. Here’s what I think a teacher should not do teachers first shouldn’t be mean. Here’s what I think a teacher should do if they really have to give consequences on there own turfs. And that is what I think teachers really do! Thank you for reading this blog post.




  1. Shelley Andros (Guest)
    Love the comments on helping you set new goals and complete old goals. Plus you relize there are consequences for actions., remember, consequences are not always negative! The choice is the individuals. Happy summer!
  2. Jane (Guest)
    Hi Makenzie,

    My favorite part of your blog post is when you said you learn even cooler stuff when teachers go off topic. Keep blogging!
  3. John Wick (Guest)
    Well stated Mackenzie. You have captured, very well, what a good teacher does for his or her students. It is all about building upon your interests, creating learning opportunities you care about, and ensuring that you are supported as you learn for the rest of your life.

    -John Wick
    Principal, Christ Cathedral Academy
  4. Gabe (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)

    Theachers should be like that but if you come down here and meet are teacher you’ll any teacher is better than this guy. Just today he made us sit out recess for talking to are freinds in line I mean who does that.

  5. Dawn (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    dear makinzie i think you know some grammer really super good job on that post

    heres a link to my blog right below this sentance

  6. Mrs W. (Guest)
    I’m curious. You told us what good teachers do. What do good students do?

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