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14 Apr

In a recent blog post, I said I would write about my opinions on the movies, Divergent, the Hunger Games, and Catching Fire. Divergent: Ok, Divergent is my favorite book EVER. But I have to say, THE MOVIE WAS HORRRRRRRRRIBLE!!!!!!! They left out so many important details that were a key part of the book. Anyway, Theo James is way to old to be Four/Tobias! He looks like he is in his forties! But, Shailene Woodly was PERFECT for Tris. The Hunger Games: This is my favorite movie. #LOVEIT! The sound effects were good. All the actors and actresses were perfect for their part. So yeah. (I am not doing an opinion on Catching fire because I didn’t see the end yet. So I’ll write about frozen: This was a great movie. It was so cute. The ending really surprised me. Like, you didn’t expect it at all. Divergent, Catching fire, and the Hunger Games are also my favorite books too and If you haven’t read them YOU HAVE TO! I have to go feed the dumb dog. See ya next time!


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  1. Bianca (Mr. Allen's 4th Grade)
    I think the hunger games are cool to I own the movie Hunger Games but I don’t own the movie Catching fire but I have watched it before.
    Let me ask you a question. Don’t yo think Peta is cute ? I think he is wounder full and cute.

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