Question Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys! It is Hotelsarefunandstuff, or otherwise known as Kevin talking to you today. And we have another QUESTION! And the question is, do you think that gum should be allowed in school? I think yes, because according to studies, gum can actually help you focus better, and I think that it is true, because chewing gum can help me focus. Let me know what you think, so tell me! 


  1. Ella
    Hey Kevin!
    Ella from your class! I totally agree with you! I think gum should be let in class rooms as long it doesn’t distract you. Great question!
  2. Mrs. S (Guest)
    I love chewing gum also! From a teacher’s perspective, it is about the mess when people don’t chew responsibly. Leaving gum under desks and chairs is a bummer. I think gum could be used as a fun reward every once in a while! What do you think?
  3. Sydney (Guest)
    Kevin- (or should I say Hopip???)
    Gum should definitely be allowed in school! I do concentrate better.
  4. Mrs W. (Guest)
    I allow gum in my classroom, But, it’s just like everything else, you have to be responsible about it and not stick it to furniture or other people!
  5. bruce the stealth jet (Mrs B's Class)
    me to i think teachers should agree
    chewing gum at school :) :)

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