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The most in portet theng in my life is my 3 dogs.

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Thanks to Mrs. Wideen's wonderful post about using Padlet - read here, I decided to use it with my reading group today. There are 6 students in my group and we are reading book 1 of the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne. Every student had a laptop in front of them while 1 student read a chapter. While he was reading, students could comment, predict, make connections or interact with the text in any way they saw fit.

This tool gave me wonderful insight into what they were thinking and how they connected with the text. My personal favorite was when a student said that the way Jack (the main character) felt about books was they same way they felt about chips. Talk about understanding feelings and motivation!

My only concern is that due to their slow typing, they were not able to record everything that they were thinking. I am sure that with practice, that will improve.

Overall, I felt that the discussion was rich and the use of this tool improved their interaction with the text. That's a win!

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We are just useing the ipad mini for are school when we are in reading groups. We are useing the ipad mini to rite a book about Crocodilians. We each have  are own stuff to rite like fun facts' Crocodils' Alligaters' and caimas. Cristina has Alligaters Jahier has Crocodils  Evelin has Crocodilian facts and I have Caimans.edhit rote her facts today shese done now it really fun! :)

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On April the 20th   I went  to my School Carnival. I hade so much fun thet I played the cake walk.  I won 2 tims and my bruther wune 2 times just like me. We won  candy a lote of candy. I went home with a bag fuol of cady and my bruther too. We ate all the candy !. :p

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Summer is fun to play

tag, hid in seek all day

stop to listen and do something

hear the birds chiping