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hello Ms.C do you wot to Lren a bawt Ghana yes or no is it 2013 or 2012 or 2015 or 2011 or 2019 by Maryam


  1. Mrs. Cassidy (Guest)
    I think it is going to be 2013 very soon. What do you think? I would LOVE to learn about Ghana.
    • Maryam (Guest)
      About Ghana we have lots of celebration and we dens do you have to dens I am happy about you LOVE to learn about Ghana can i learn about Onterayow ms.Cassidy love Maryam
  2. Maryam (Guest)
    Hi ms.L do you LOVE to learn about Ghana to yes or no ms.c oreday learn about Ghana wot is 5+6+7=
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Maryam I ALSO love to learn about Ghana. Maybe you can write a new blogpost about your Ghana party today?
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      I think that 5+6+7= 18. Did I get it right?
  3. Maryam (Guest)
    Ms.L and Ms.C or you geys frends yes or no
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Yes! I think Mrs. Cassidy is great. She is also a very good teacher.
  4. Maryam (Guest)
    I LOVE Ms.L do you LOVE ME
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Of course! I love our entire class. I have a very special group of students in my class this year.
  5. Maryam (Guest)
    Ms.L tel mr.M that i like him from div 18
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      I don't know who this is Maryam but if he reads your blog he will know already.
  6. Maryam (Guest)
    ms.L I wih that i wold LOVE TO go in your class
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Maryam right now we all get to enjoy more time with our families. I look forward to seeing everyone on Jan. 7, 2013 .
  7. Maryam (Guest)
    5+8= 3+0= 9+8= 4+6=
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      I think the answers are 3, 10, 13, and 17 but not in the order that you wrote your questions. Can you match my answers with your questions?
  8. Maryam (Guest)
    Hooray today IS THE GHANA PORTTY today
  9. Mrs. Cassidy (Guest)
    Thank you for telling me about the Ghana party and about the dance. Here is something I can tell you about Saskatchewan. It is colder here than where you live. Also, we have no mountains and no ocean. I hope you had fun at the party!
  10. Maryam (Guest)
    I did have fun ms.Cassidy ms.c i am so sorry that you lost your voice or you ow ok i am sad love Maryam.
    • Mrs. Cassidy (Guest)
      Thank you, Maryam. My voice still sounds funny, but I can talk now. I like it better than whispering. Thank you for asking.
  11. Maryam (Guest)
    You do ms.L ok you or goin to learn this the first at Ghana we dans do you dans love Maryam.
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Maryam I like to dance too. Did you know that in January Mrs Morrison and I will be teaching our two classes some dances. Maybe you can teach us some of your dances from Ghana?
  12. Maryam. (Guest)
    OK i will teach you some dances keep it a sikret love Maryam.
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      I won't tell, but someone might read it on your blog. Remember the whole world can read your blog posts. :-)
  13. Maryam (Guest) Ms.L fr the comment LOVE Div 18
  14. Maryam (Guest)
    Jan.7 Ms.L i am so sad i miss you do you miss me yes or no
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman
      Of course I miss you, and the whole class Maryam but I must admit I love having the extra time with my friends and family too. I like spending time in my PJs as well. :-) Maryam, I would LOVE it if you could write a blog post about what you have been up to. You have been writing a lot of comments (which I love) but I want to read a blog post from you too. Keep smiling your big smile and enjoy your time away from school. Soon enough we will all be back together. There is so much for for us to learn this year.
  15. Maryam (Guest)
    Uh hu ms.C tell your class to take care of you love Maryam.
    • Mrs. Cassidy (Guest)
      I'll tell them, Maryam, but I hope they won't have to look after me by the time school starts again. I'm feeling better every day.
  16. Maryam (Guest)
    In your PJs i like be in my PJs too ms.L I am in my PJs too.
    • Ms. Lirenman Ms. Lirenman

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