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SA Pledge Campaign Promo Video 2


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FUTP60 at the White House

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Well today is the last day of the summit, my roommate and I were practically up all night trying to finish our play chellenge on Breakfast picnics but of course with the help of our program advisors we got it done! The next morning my roommate and I woke up at 7 o'clock which if your apart of the summit you know is pretty late! After the delay we walked to the newsuem and introduced our poster to everyone and so did everyone else. I got a lot of great ideas for next year. I can't believe the summit is over, I had such a great time.

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Fuel up with a good breakfast!Good things come in three fav!

Lavar Arrington...He's Cool

Dairy Farmer

Today we walked to the newsuem and spended 10 hours working and meeting new people like Lavar Arrington and people in the NFL. We did group work as in skits and did play challenges (Breakfast Picnic) and other fun activities. We took a bus around Washington DC and I was looking at the national monuments. My favorite monument was the Martin Luther King jr, because , there were so many tall rocks, the carved Martin luther king and the beautiful view!!! I can't forget we got a lot of pizza :) !