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Day 2 of Washington DC

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Fuel up with a good breakfast!Good things come in three fav!

Lavar Arrington...He's Cool

Dairy Farmer

Today we walked to the newsuem and spended 10 hours working and meeting new people like Lavar Arrington and people in the NFL. We did group work as in skits and did play challenges (Breakfast Picnic) and other fun activities. We took a bus around Washington DC and I was looking at the national monuments. My favorite monument was the Martin Luther King jr, because , there were so many tall rocks, the carved Martin luther king and the beautiful view!!! I can't forget we got a lot of pizza :) !


  1. Ms. Reynolds
    That is a beautiful monument,the way he seems to be breaking out of the rock.
  2. Sheri Doucette
    Hi Jessica,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself! Thank you for writing about your experiences and for doing a great job representing Massachusetts Fuel Up to Play 60 schools! We can't wait to hear more about the trip!


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