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Thanks Mom-Pi Poem

March 14, 2014 @ 2:03 PM 4 Comments      



Pi = 3.14159265

My role model, (3)
Mom (1)
She’s a very strong (4)
Woman (1)
She loves and cherishes us (5)
Every single moment of every day of our lives (9)
Love,hope (2)
You are a very giving person (6)
Thanks for all you’ve done! (5)


  1. Richelle (Guest)
    I love how you let everything that you write really give the message. Like when you said " She loves and cherishes us".
  2. Richelle (Guest)
    Also when you said, "Every Single moment of every day of our lives."
  3. Daemon Daemon
    You did a great job on your Pi Poem. Not only was it good I really liked how it was pretty deep. I also liked your topic. I can also think you took your time on looking for your picture. My personal thought of this is that it was awesome!
  4. Claudia Claudia
    I like how you said your mom is your role model, my mom is to me.I also like when you said she cherishes us, every mother cherishes her children.Well I hope so, my mom cherishes me and my friend's mom cherishes her.You really did an awesome job on this,that's what I think.I hope no mater what you keep thanking you're mother for everything she dose for you and your little sis.

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