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Tent for winter fishing

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Tent for   winter fishing is essential to the on mummers for winter fishing. Modern tents for winter fishing meet all the requirements that apply to it cold on the weather conditions. These tents have their own characteristics and fundamental differences from the summer and on logical Outdoor world tents for recreation and tourism: winter tents for fishing are made of materials that are adapted to the low-temperature regime, characterized by high strength and resistance to moisture.

In addition they have a rigid structure made of flexible fiberglass constituent units easily and quickly disassembled and compactly fits into a bag for carrying, and thus also easy to carry. In these tents conveniently carried out fishing on the ice during both day and night. As they are designed for two or more anglers. Let's look at the practical advantages on the example of one of the concepts of modern fishing industry Tent Company Fish house.

These tents are lightweight and very durable frame, which is made of fiberglass and races to lag inside the tent for winter fishing. Internal by covering tent fabric prevents the formation on the walls of the condensate. Frame she does not freeze on cold and on ice hereby created, for this does not create difficulties when disassembling and packing the tent on after. Automatic tent for winter fishing manufacture on a dense, wind - water impermeable material polyester Ice Armor with internal on coated and on be on a skirt width 25 cm. This allows sprinkle it snow for stability, which is very important in a particularly windy days and secure anchors that come with the tent.

This Price on in autonomous creates a layer of air in which to heat, and through the inner tent on the Rouge assigned gathered inside the tent condensate. Add to that the gas burner and you will spend nice time for catching bream night and other fish in a comfortable environment.

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