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Portrait Photographer Bangkok Thailand

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Jose Tan is an International Fashion, Advertising, Portraits and Wedding Photographer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand. Heavily influenced by photography icons such as portrait photographer Richard Avedon and Peter Lindbergh as well as fashion and fine art photographers Patrick Demarchelier, Kristian Schuller, Jose Villa and Zhang Jingna, Jose is most passionate about the process of watching his work unfold: from brainstorming to concept, collaborating with other creatives to the ultimate unveiling of the final product.

Portrait Photographer Bangkok Thailand
Being nominated for Best Fashion Photographer in Asia by TiC Style Awards in 2009 opened international doors for Jose, and since then he has enjoyed successful working relationships with clients from Europe, Asia, Africa, United Arab Emirates and the United States. One of his greatest passions is sharing his knowledge and experience with others via hisĀ  popular photography workshops, which he conducts out of his studio in Bangkok. Teaching everything from lighting techniques to photo editing, Jose is a great motivator whose enthusiasm for photography has instilled confidence and elevated the technique and expertise of hundreds of students over the years. One only needs to browse his testimonials to see that his deep love for what he does is practically infectious!

Commercial Photographer Bangkok Thailand
Jose enjoys cooking Thai food, running, reading and audio books in his spare time, and finds inspiration each day in the love of his two children, Tyra and Tyrone. A native of the Philippines and currently located in Bangkok, Jose envisions a potential future living in New York City. Having conquered so many horizons on his home turf as well as abroad, it would be the apogee of all his hard work, as well as a personal dream come true.

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