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The second grade classes enjoyed going to the musical, Charlotte’s Web!  It was a production put on by The West Bend Children’s Theatre, Inc.

We would also like to thank the PTA for allowing us to go to this wonderful musical.  You help enrich the lives of the students every day.

We also won the Spirit Stick today!  Stay tuned for class pictures of us with it.  Our school spirit was shown by wearing blue and white today.

Everyone shared their personal narratives this week and will be sharing their stories with you next week.  They still have to add a picture and description of themselves.

As we move on in writing, the kids are researching and learning more about specific insects.  Today, they started writing their reports.  Their finished work will be published using Glogster.  It is sort of like an online blog, but the kids can choose their own background, import pictures, and type their report on the page too.   I used this same format to share their Lorax Activity.  Here is an example

Thanks for taking the time to read about our “All Star” happenings!

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Welcome back to our blog. Once again, I am amazed at my hard-working second graders. I encourage you to take a glimpse at what we have been doing lately. The video captures what some of our Daily 5 Reading looks like. We also incorporate a lot of writing into that time too. The students recently published their Personal Narratives into hard-covered books. I am very proud of them. Next week, they will be sharing their narratives with the rest of the class.
We have also tried the Daily 5 rotations in math, and it has worked wonderfully. They enjoy choice, and they also look forward to working together with other kids.
Enjoy the video!

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We have been busy learning this March!  At the beginning of the month, the students took part in online contests for World Math and World Spelling.  The kids enjoyed competing with other students around the world.  They all received certificates for their effort too.  

Then we decided to build some Leprechaun Traps to catch a leprechaun.  Well, that leprechaun appeared, and he tricked us all!  He managed to lose a few chocolate coins that we decided to eat.  Check out the leprechaun we managed to get a picture with too.  What a transformation!

Along with the leprechaun excitement, we took part in an online sorting/graphing activity using Lucky Charms Cereal.  The students counted, tallied, and graphed the amount of marshmallows in the Lucky Charms Box.  The data was submitted online and combined with other students’ results from all over the world.  

We learned about the Hmong Culture and even got to try some sticky rice too.  

Then three real goats came to visit us on the playground.  Goats are very friendly animals.  It takes a lot of work to care for them. 

In math, the students have been learning how to measure things using non-standard, metric and U.S. Customary Measures.  

The video below closes with some pictures of students using the reading balls that Donorschoose funded!  





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The Fairy Tale Unit was a lot of fun!  The kids got to move around and work in other second grade classes for readingThey learned and identified the elements of a fairy tale.  Now they are working on writing their own fairy tales!

We investigated the properties of liquids and learned some vocabulary words to describe them…viscous, translucent, transparent, has color, foamy, and bubbly.  To reinforce the new vocabulary words, the students played GO FISH and MEMORY.

Our Snazzy Snack for February was George Washington’s Cherry Pie.

Enjoy the slideshow!!! 

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