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What do you think it is?

Why would we blog for school?

Please reply with your comments!



  1. cheyenne cheyenne
    i think blogging is a way to share your ideas. we would do it for class so everyone can share their ideas and it would be easier.
  2. skylar#7 skylar#7
    I thunk we use blogging for school so that we can keep in touch with our teachers for homework or anything we need, like email.
  3. Alex alex
    Blogging is for exaple like twitter you share you comment onto your wall or page and that is called a blog I think. We may blog for school so that we can talk about our assighnments or discuss things as a class on the computer.
  4. Braidyn250 Braidyn250
    I think that is is sharing your feelings with words. So we can learn more about each other.
  5. Sammy#23 Sammy#23
    I think blogging is when you talk about something. I think you could use it for school because you could discuss things as a class silently.
  6. Zuriel98 Zuriel98
    Blogging is like when people start talking about a topic. we would do the for school so we can talk about the reading assaignments we have.
  7. jeff jeff
    Because its a good way to use the teconologly that we have.
  8. Ryan Sk. Ryan Sk.
    blogging is just do assignments on the computer.
    about what happened today or maybe for an assignment.
  9. TatumOlivia TatumOlivia
    I think blogging is a way to communicate and discuss things with other people through the internet. It makes things a lot easier for classes to discuss something together. For school it's easier or us to blog because we are able to talk about everything with each other and see everyone else's ideas and thoughts.
  10. Anderson#20 Anderson#20
    I think we would blog so we can get our assignment's online. So if we forget an assignment.
  11. brenden23 brenden23
    blogging is a form of comunication. we should have it to stay connected to each other
  12. Smokey The Bandit Smokey The Bandit
    Kinda like tellin whats going on and stuff like that, how things are doing. We would blog for school cause Mrs. Duffy might think its a good idea. And it will be fun.
  13. codyb codyb
    I dont really know what blogging totally is i kind of know but not really, I dont really know why we would blog in school because I dont really know what it is.
  14. ty123 ty123
    blogging is a form of communication and we blog in school so we can stay connected
  15. Taylor Quinn Taylor Quinn
    I think we blog at our school to help us communicate with others and it is a fun way to do assignments. I think blogging is like e-mail just not directly to one person.
  16. amara#14 amara#14
    i think blogging is to interact with everyone else, we blog for school to see what our classmates think over the assignments, i think bogging will be cool to do for this class
  17. Lexi#46 Lexi#46
    Blogging is where you tell people about yourself. We could use blogging for knowing what our assignments are and to communicate with other people in and out of the classroom.
  18. Jerry17 Jerry17
    its a great way to share our ideas, and to share our feelings

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