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How to Set up a WordPress Blog From Scratch

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How to Set up a WordPress Blog From Scratch

Some people think that setting up a WordPress Blog is extremely difficult if they do not posses strong computer and web skills or they are not technical enough. On the contrary, setting up a WordPress blog is very easy and quite fun. First off, to understand how to use WordPress and set up your blog, I recommend that you actually practice building up your site and change the settings around a few times so you can acquire a level of comfort. How to Set up a WordPress Blog

The most basic features that you will be working with is adding content, editing, deleting, and managing your content. This article will serve as a basic guide to get you started in developing a basic functioning site that will be user friendly and allow others to easily navigate through your Blogging site. There are many hosting sites that will provide you with a domain and WordPress admin page. how to setup a wordpress blog for free

So lets get started with the basic key points!

When you first come to your WordPress site:

- Enter your login and username in the admin area. The login admin area is known as the backend where you control the site via a dashboard and other control panel functions.

- Once you get to the main dashboard page after logging in, avoid reading over and glancing over all the features of the dashboard and backend of the WordPress site. Open up the Pages section and add the names of the pages that you would like on your site, i.e. Home, Blog, About, News, Contact.
- In the pages section, you can change the name of the page and content by clicking on edit. You can highlight your selection, delete, and then add your information, and click update-which basically means save, it`s that easy!
- Practice using the bold and italic button, color buttons, paragraph indentation, format and writing tool buttons on the page section when editing to become familiar with the functionality. These writing tools are almost identical to those in Microsoft word.
- To create a link, highlight a selected portion, click on the chain link icon, and type in the link to the referred website or your own depending on your preference.
- To upload an image, click on the image icon, select your file, upload it from your computer, and then you can edit the title, size, alignment, and finally click on insert to post. Once you update and refresh, your image will appear in the post.
- To add a new page, click on add new under the pages section, input your title, insert the contact and then click on publish. You can delete the page if you like by clicking on the trash button.

So these are some very general and basic tips that will allow you to get started and have a functioning site for your Blog or business. WordPress is easy and allows you to add, manage, edit, and remove any of your content without having to understand complex coding and programming. You can accomplish so much and make your site look amazing in just a matter of minutes. Building the WordPress site and organizing in a manner that works for you is the key to managing a successful Blog or web business.

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