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How to Write a Good Song: Writing Compelling Song Lyrics

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Teaching crafting a good song is a passion of mine for around 2 years now. We've noticed that teaching the mechanics involves deteriorating all the aspects of an excellent song and making them newbie friendly.

One of them aspects is the song lyrics i find many people have a problem with. I think the main reason is really because no one has ever broken the method down to make it easy. Well today is your lucky day because I will be that person to do that for you. Follow this mini guide and you'll be writing great song lyrics quickly.

Step one: Work on your concept

When writing song lyrics, you will need to know exactly where you want correctly to go. You would not go Africa without first picking out going first do you? So why would you start writing not understanding where you want to go? This is the most important step and it shapes not only the mood of the song lyrics and also the words you will use included.

When doing this, try your better to be as specific as you possibly can. Instead of writing music about love, write an audio lesson about getting your heartbroken through your girlfriend, or love your neighbor. The key reason why you should be specific is because broad titles usually does not inspire more material. Covering heartbreak brings more heartbreak thoughts. You breaking up with someone, your parents getting divorced, or even debating on leaving someone when they have cheated. My point is, end up specific.

Step two: Start writing

Learn how to write a good song by playing good songs. Hear the words they chose for topics and how their words flow. Once you have a feeling for what great song lyrics sound like, start applying them to your composition. Do not worry if this takes you a while it is normal. It takes lots of practice before this is possible within an hour. I have had occasions where I have written a whole song in approximately 30 minutes. My secret was the fact I started with the first task which is very important. Specific concepts bring their very own lyrics with more practice.

Final Step: Tweak your hard work and develop your title

Reread your song lyrics aloud and enquire of yourself questions about song structure, melody, and rhythm. Try and hum your main melody around someone for some time and ask for their input. I've found that the best melodies can be being hummed by the person you let listen to it.

Once you feel like you've got great song lyrics, come up with your title. I save titles for last because sometimes song lyrics tell you many titles. Sometimes there's a phrase that defines your composition and frequently the concept itself does. Your title will be as important as your song lyrics so invest some time with it.

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