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Pinterest like word press theme

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You need to bloging, and making it magazine like layout with fitted contet for this type of layout. Every time you visit pinterst, you wondering what a stuning design and layout have this site, and desired to give the same look and atmosphere for your magazine too. No more having dreams about it.
Pinterest like word press theme

You dreaming about high traffic, pinsomo lets you generate it.

Pinsomo is launched they best voted pinterst like theme for wordpress, with 60 day risk-free trial period, and of course 100% money back guarantee. For just $27.-

It's responsive, mobile and tablet ready. Integrated seo, with all the advantages of word press engine of course.

Social integration (facebook opengraph), google authorship markup integration.

WordPress theme seems and works like Pinterest, and in addition offers you all the benefits that Pinterest gets

Problem: I don't have or can't get enough traffic on their wordpress site
Solution: PinSomo may be the ultimate wordpress theme that has proven to generate more visitors volumes instantly

Because Pinterest users are extremely utilized to the pinning and re-pinning sharing process, navigating on another site just like Pinterest is just second nature to them.The contents are visual-based, attracting and capturing more attention than posts with only texts. Images that are repinned out of your site are directly linked returning to your internet site - therefore the more images are pinned, the greater the traffic being generated on your own site as people repin your image from Pinterest itself.

You're not competing against Pinterest, you're working together with it to create increased traffic on YOUR site as well as theirs!

How do I determine Pinsomo would work in my niche?

Your purchase is virtually risk-free so you can download your PinSomo, check it out and when it's not what you wanted, we'd give you a 100% Sixty day money-back guarantee with only a simple support-ticket.

But if you've educate yourself until now, I'm sure you've pretty much found what you're searching for.

Besides, it's increasingly easy to setup and install, like you would effortlessly other themes - your site can look like Pinterest within 2 minutes.

From merely a simple theme change, you're able to enjoy more traffic from Pinterest, better SEO with social markups, improved user experience on your own site which leads to better ranking and generation of social signals that Search engines love.

And more information after the click, 'visit the site'.

Why is it affect so powerfull towards the website traffic? The layout makes a good atmosphere for surfers it's known. They take more time in your page, to make more viral lift via sharing, liking, commenting your posts. Make more interaction, surf more content, have an overabundance type of sight owing to the gird view. In the contrary, this look at content allows you to list more article on the website landing page notebook computer for serach engines, and don't forget to say the panda and pinguin safe indexing mode, that is based under the optimized internet search results authorship.

Pinsomo Premium WordPress Theme - Best Pinterest WordPress Theme - SomoThemes

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