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Space planning may sound such as an easy task, nevertheless it produces a much more than merely deciding who sits whereby your brand-new or refurbished office space. A competent office interior planner takes into account factors like law, IT and telecom network design, accommodation standards and safety of employees while planning the allocation of obtainable work place to numerous tasks.

The right office layout ensures a smooth functioning office, apt for the future. These aspects has to be considered when making your workplace layout.

Office Accommodation Standards

A few of these standards are average area per person, the width of passages, optimal space allocation for refreshment points, meeting rooms, print and replica areas, and office reception area. Expert office planners devise their very own standards depending on their rich experience with successful design projects. They could even customise these depending on your small business requirements.


A business office design planner works around several laws and legislations while planning your working environment design. For example Workplace Regulations, laws pertaining to fire safety and use of your workplace space, which form part of Building Regulations, legislations regarding sound resistance, and those considering discrimination against disability, to name a few. Proficient office planners leave no room that you should concern yourself with this aspect and ensure your office space is designed completely in accordance with law.

Business Requirements

Your small business requirements obviously guide your working environment space planning. For instance, a lawyer will be needing private areas for confidential discussions, whereas an ad agency will require room for interaction and fostering creativity.

IT and Telecom Network

Convenient access to IT, power outlets and telecommunication network is a vital component of a workable space plan. For instance, an adaptable office layout could include raised flooring design for simple connectivity of cables to workstations. Alternatively, individual workstations must be planned easily of use of power and data points.

Growth and Scalability

Future growth is a crucial aspect that must definitely be incorporated into your current work place likely to accommodate the ever changing needs of your flourishing business. For instance, you can save on resources down the road by creating flexible areas which can be either employed as workstations or breakout areas, whenever you need down the road.

Workplace planning services comprehensively include the following:

Feasibility Study that aids determining the location your business actually needs for optimal functioning, and includes aspects like storage, modern methods for working and proximity of departments.

Cost Comparison to locate a financially right building for your office needs.

3D Simulations giving a clear idea of the look off your office prior to the actual design work begins on-site.

Deciding on the best furniture that harmoniously blends with your office design and making sure air-con, lighting, ventilation, and IT and telecom networks work in tandem together with your office planning.

No matter whether your working environment spans across a tiny area or large, the significance of space planning remains the same. It is just with efficient space planning that maximum utilisation of one's office space can be materialised.

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