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29 May

This Friday I am going to Perth with my mum. We a going to see my nonna. On Saturday mum has to take nonna to the doctors. When mum goes to the doctors with nonna I said who am I going to stay with. I am going to stay there until Monday. Mum mite go home on Sunday. I am going home on Tuesday on the train with nonna. I like going on the train because on the train we go on has a lolly store on it. I always get a big fredo frog and a juice box.

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25 May

On Thursday during my Karate class the power went out.One person was in the toilet.Everyone was freaked out.Then Jerry's daughter came up with her IPhone and tried to shine some light on.Me, Chelsey,Charlie and Hailey cuddled up together on the floor.But to me I was screaming at first but then I felt not scared at all.But I'll tell you that It was  petty cool.

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22 May

 I went to the dentist in Harvey. I got two teeth taken out from the dentist. She put my mouth and my nose to sleep. It hurt when the dentist pulled my teeth out but I did not cry. When I went to the dentist I was a bit scared. The dentist was at a school in a cavaran.When my mouth and nose were asleep I could not talk.

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20 May

Hi my name is Alexia I am 8 years old. This year I am going to be turning 9 years old. I like to read books, play lego, watch T.V, make things and collect stuff. That is all about me. I hope you like reading this post.

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10 May

On the weekend my cousins are coming over at Nonna and Nonno's house. They are coming over on Saturday. Me, Mum, Ben and Dad are going. We are going to have lunch and dinner there. Then they have to go home. It is a long way because they live in Perth. On Sunday it is Mothers day. I have two presents for Mum. On mothers day we are going too Perth because my Aunty said we are going to a park but I do not know which park.