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27 Apr

My Favourite Places are:

Busselton Jetty

My Place

Nanna and Nonno's Place

The Farm

Rec Centre




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26 Apr

  1. my cat Bongo
  2. my family
  3. my toys
  4. my bed
  5. my bedroom
  6. books



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25 Apr

  1. reading
  2. blogging
  3. writing
  4. playing with my toys
  5. helping my Mum or Dad
  6. helping my sisters
  7. bouncing on the tramopline

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24 Apr

My toy cat is named Mime. She is an adult cat. I had her since I was 1 years old. Romana had the cat when she was a baby but she gave it back to me. She is black and white. I keep her in my reading corner with my bunny Karisa, my three teddies Carla, Melissa and Plossoum and Katie she is a doll. They are her best friends! They are very nice too her. Mime is my best friend! They sit next to each other! She has a pink nose! I hope you enjoy reading this post!

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22 Apr


Me and our 10 week old kitten Bongo !

My kitten name is Bongo. My Dad named Bongo. We got  Bongo because our dog  Rocca died.  He is playful, he is black, he likes coming inside alot because he loves playing, he is 10 weeks now, he meows alot. He is my favourite because he sleeps on me heaps of times. He is soft to pat. I love him! He plays with our feet.