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22 Mar

When I was born I got a dog called Turbo

 but he died when I was three months.

On my birthday my dad rang to say happy birthday to

me but instead he told me that Turbo had died. My dad told

my mum first. I was very upset and I didn`t get to see Turbo 

because he lives in Linster with my dad. My dad lives there 

because he worked at a mine site. That night my dad came home

and I was very happy but still sad. After dad got home and I said hello

I went to bed but I could`t get to sleep because I was still crying. I

went to tell dad and he said he would come and sleep in my room. The

next day my dad said he is going to live with us because he is lonely by his self

 now Turbo is in heaven. The next day my dad took my shopping to buy 

a present for Turbos cross and one for me. Before Turbo died mum and

dad brought him a new bed, new collar and a new brush. My dad made

a cross and I put Turbos new collar, new brush and his bed in front of

his cross.   

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15 Mar

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14 Mar

One year ago, my sister went to my Nanna's

for three weeks because my dad was at work

and mum and I were at my Autny's house because

it was my Aunty's birthday. My Aunty lives in Melbourne

with Nanny Joan and Uncle Bob. When we were in Mandurah

 we got out of the car and I could not feel my legs at all because

it was very very hot.          

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13 Mar

Two years ago I went to Dunsborough for two weeks.

 My mum didn't go because she was not well. When we 

were geting ready to leave I was crying because I didn't want to

leave mum by herself. When all our bags were packed my

dad got my dvd player for my sister and I got my mum's laptop because we

only had one dvd player. I was watching Tinker Bell and Chelsea was watching

The Fairys that was her favourite movie. It took two whole hours to get there and I

was very happy to get there. Two days later it was Easter and all together we found 86 easter eggs.

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12 Mar

My pet kitten Bella

Ten weeks ago my sister Chelsea and my mum went to the Grocery store.

 When they got there my sister wanted to go to the video shop to buy a slushy.

 When they got to the video shop one of my mums friends were selling kittens for free.

My mum got one that was just born as a surprise for me because I wanted a new pet because

my dog Turbo died when I was three months old. When they got back I was very surprised. My mum named

my kitten Bella because when my dad was a kid he had a three legged cat called Bell Bell and that was his favourite

cat. My dad came home at three o"clock in the afternoon and my dad was very very very happy. My kitten is now ten weeks.