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12 Jun

On the 26th of May I went to the Abrolhas Island. I had a lot of fun! Wait a minute that's not all I just didn't do that, just listen. When I was at the island I went on a jetski all the way to Eagles Point. Eagles Point is a beach with billions of shells on it. It was the last thing I did there. I put it first because it was the best part. On the first day I went squiding. I caught 47 squid. I would go out and get my fishing rod and make sure it had a squid jig on it. On the jetty there are two big sheds on the jetty, also a pontoon that is the same as a jetty but just thin and floating. One day Justin the owner of the house that got torn down by the tornado had his kids Essie and Kit stay for one night. We had fresh produce every night. One night we had the creamy dish. The creamy dish has got in it Crayfish, Squid, Bluebone Groper, Steak and Salad. I also caught the smallest Squid and the largest and inkiest Squid.

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14 Mar

Hi this is Charli.

I went to Busselton on Saturday the 3rd of March and stayed there for Sunday the 4 of March and came home on Monday the 5 of March.We met our Grandma and Grandad at the Caravan Park out of town.We stayed for three days and two nights.Bayley slept in his swag and me and mum slept on a matress.We swam in a GIANT pool.It was awesome.Our Grandad threw me up in the air and I landed half way down the pool.We tried to push Grandad in but he would push us in instead.Mum, Bayley and I had a great time.One night Grandad let me read on his Kindle.Every night Grandma, Grandad, Bayley, Mum and I would walk down into town and go into a restraunt and have dinner.We played games each night.It was fun.One night Grandad, Mum and I went down to the beach and watched people fishing,water skiing and kayaking.On the last day Grandad took me to the book shop in town and brought me six Pony Pal books.On the way home,there was a lot of traffic on the road because everyone was coming home from their holiday.

Catch you later,

Sincerely Charli.


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13 Mar

Hi my  name is Charli,I like Horses as you saw on another post,  yeah but,  lets get back on track. I go to to school. I have a Mum and a Dad. Mum is called Heather and Dad is called Gavin. I have a brother called Bayley (don't tell anyone but he is annoying ). Anyway I have been to a show called Mama Mia and seen behind the scenes with the characters. I also have been to Snuggle Pot And Cuddle PieCinderella, and this year I am going to see Mary Poppins.Yeah I know it's exciting isn't it!!!  My favourite animals are Horses,Rabbits,Koala. I hope you can share some things with me.Hope you liked it

See you next time

love Charli.

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12 Mar

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