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19 May

I love sleeping I hate waking up at 8:00 because I need my beauty sleep all the time because I am really lazy in bed. I like having naps when I am sick or on the weekend. I like sleeping more than food, water and ect. I am really happy when I am sleeping. I go to to bed very late at night like 1:00. Maybe thats why.

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17 May

I am going to have a busy weekend becauseI have to go to my Aunty's house on Friday then Alexia is coming to my house on Saturday.Then on Sunday I am going to my Aunty's house again because Mum,Dad and my brother are going on the boat to go a very far way out.I am too scared to go out really far so I decided to stay at my Aunty's house again but not for a sleepover, for the day. So my Aunty and I are going to Bunbury. I will have a big day with my Aunty especially going to Bunbury  I am so excited. I hope it won't rain or I will not go to my Aunty's.Very busy weekend.

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28 Mar

I had an old cat named Sindy and she was a girl and I liked throwing my very fluffy ball and she would not catch it. She will chase it then she will pick it up and then hide it. I like her when she stands up on her back legs and then she spins around in a circle. She is awesome and funny.

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20 Mar

My dogs names are Molly and Sally I love them because they are like our guard dogs because they will protect us from snakes or other bad animals.

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13 Mar

  1. My horse Bobby
  2. My dogs Molly and Sally
  3. My chook Penny
  4. My old rabbit Pongo
  5. My old crazy crabs
  6. My cow Shevy
  7. My old cat Milly
  8. My old lizard Charli