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Photographers' Guide to Wedding Photography - Ghosting

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As an experienced wedding photographer in Liverpool and Manchester, I've found ghosting to be a significant problem that arises regularly. It is caused when light is reflected from either within the lens barrel or elements. - Wedding photographer Manchester

When photographing a marriage, it can often occur as strong light sources including huge windows (Often seen in fantastic Tudor style buildings used for weddings), are a favourite haunt for photographers wanting to make the most out of the surroundings. Liverpool, Merseyside and Manchester are full of venues like this and therefore are regular haunts personally on a daily and weekly basis.

It is often the case that as soon as the camera is pointed on the subject (Let the bride - looking at a medieval seat right in front of the window), the chance of 'Ghosting' will be dramatically increased.

Doing little or nothing about this could potentially destroy what would be a fantastic photograph. However, some simple techniques can solve the situation...

Firstly, good lenses 'Claim' to reduce the risk of ghosting, although I've yet to find one which completely stops this. Secondly, utilizing a good UV filter may also help, but again, these can only 'Help reduce' the danger and it is often the case that shooting directly towards will still result in slight ghosting. Using packages like photo shop could also help, as spending time darkening the issue area will help lessen the negative effect ghosting gives.

The best and simplest way I've discovered is to step sideways from the window and angle the camera till no ghosting is seen. Take a photograph, check it, move further sideways, take another etc until no ghosting occurs.

Lots of the images I take take presctiption angles anyway therefore if I move away from 'Straight on' for the window, lets say left, angle the camera to add a funky check out the image and then press the shutter, ghosting is minimized and a cool looking photograph is captured.

When photographing weddings, one of the most important elements is that you don't keep the bride waiting. Photographers who are standing around for too long trying to get the perfect shot will simply cause concern for your bride and cause negative feeling closer. I find as a photographer that its best to play it safe. That's the reason funky angles are normal place in many of the photographs I take. In case you as a photographer REALLY want the straight on image in front of the window, then either have the lens, filter and invest some time editing or simply use the angled option, thus helping lessen the time in post production. - Wedding photographer Manchester

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