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Today in ICT, we were introduced to the animating program, Pivot. I have already used this at home, and so I was loving going on it at school. It’s an awesome program and I advise it for anyone who likes animating! Check out my animation:

Imogen H

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Hi, I’m Imogen, also known as Immie~

I’m known as an Artist in year 8. People admire my work. I draw in my own time and a little in lessons. Most teachers don’t mind because they know I’m listening as I draw, which is good for me. I draw Wolves mostly, but occasionally draw the odd dragon or cat. I am very fond of an animal which I name ‘Fluffel’. She is my pride, she is the animal I think of representing me. I gave her the personality of me, also.

Fluffel is a cross between an African Wild Dog, a Salamander and a Seagull. Those animals are amazing, I find! Her main colours are White, Red, Purple, Blue and Pink. Eyes and tongue though, are green.

At the moment, I am reading a series of books named ‘Warrior Cats’ I am very into this book, into the second book of the series. It is about a kittypet (Home-cat) that joins Thunderclan (A clan of the four clans that life in a forest near the kittypets). He becomes a strong cat and goes on lots of adventures. At the moment, a single clan – Shadowclan – have driven out another clan named Windclan.

I live in a place in Cornwall called Praa Sands. It’s a nice village there, living right in front of a beach. I take my dog Koopa on a walk after school for thirty minutes all of the time. I’d usually throw stones in the sea and he would run to get them. Koopa is a Border Collie dog, but he’s got a little brown on his legs and face. We got him from a farm near Helston, Cornwall.

Another one of my hobbies are singing. People say I’m a good singer, and I auditioned for a Music Scholar – didn’t get in, though. My favourite song artist is Robbie Williams, at the moment. Favourite song at the moment is Feel by Robbie Williams. I’m obsessed!~
If you love Robbie, you’ve got to love Take That. I went to see them live in Manchester on the 10th of June, 2011. It was absolutely amazing! I’ll remember that when I’m older, definitely~

Another hobby.. sleeping. I love sleeping.. <.<
But yeah, honestly. I do! Bhaha~ <3

That’s me.. really!
To sum it up, I like drawing and animals..? x3

Yeah..! Thanks for reading~