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This is my Comic Strip I made in class today, it was a lot of fun!

It was all about bullying and how it affects people…

Check it out! :) It’d be awesome if you could write a quick comment and tell me what you think:)

Thanks x

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Hello, I’m called Lois & I attend HDS School. It’s a great school with loads of friendly pupils & teachers.

I live in Penzance with my mum, brother & dog. My dog is a Cocker Spainel, he’s only a puppy at the moment so he’s got a lot of energy!

I really enjoy Photography. Hopefully I’m getting a new camera for Christmas so I can take some pictures.

I also enjoy music, I like singing but I’m to shy to preform in front of people!

My dislikes are bullying & Animal Cruelty.

Thanks for reading :)