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Assessing Student Growth Over Time

B​logging is an effective classroom tool used to exceed learning objectives beyond traditional methods. It offers more than just a platform for writing and sharing ideas. It is a means for teachers to assess, connect, empower, and understand their students. …Read More

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4 Options for End-of-Year Transitions

It happens every year when the end of the school year approaches: your to-do list continues to grow as time slips away. For Kidblog members, one of the items on your list is “wrapping up” this year’s blogs, ensuring your students have the tools to continue building their learning portfolio with next year’s teacher (and beyond).

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Retelling the Story: What Comes Next?

Recently, I have used blogging as a means for students to retell portions of a story that we have been reading in class in a way that helps them better understand the meaning of the book. In my Spanish class, we use leveled readers throughout the year to build our language skills.

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Sharing Student Victories

It is true what they say that you’re only as smart as the company you keep. The statement is especially true in the classroom. My students are constantly inspiring me and coming up with great ideas. Sometimes they will take …Read More