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Digital Citizenship in a BYOD World

Our school was never known for our utilization of technology. This all changed last year, when our administrators implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy (B.Y.O.D) for our middle school students. This rather radical change was greeted with a variety of emotions from teachers and parents alike.

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3 Ways to Use Blogging in ELA

We’ve all heard about exciting and different ways to motivate and engage our students. If you’re like me, my first question is always, “how would this look in MY class with MY students?” As a language arts teacher, I am always looking for ways to foster the love of reading and writing in my students. Luckily, in my class with my students, blogging is the answer.

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We’ve Got That “Netiquette” SWAG!

Before I really get my class blogging, I like to establish “netiquette.” Netiquette is simply networking with etiquette. Netiquette is etiquette used by writers as they share and express themselves through writing posted on the internet. Oh, if Emily Post would have actually posted!

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Is Your Audience Imaginary?

I used to think that we could pretend and imagine who our audience might be: write a letter to your grandmother, or write a persuasive essay to the principal. Although this may have helped students to think about word choice, it didn’t do anything to motivate them to do their best work.

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Journal entry - Ray Dumas - CC BY-SA via flickr

Find Your Space

When I went to check my email one evening, I had a note from one of my 6th graders, asking me if she could post her own personal story onto Bulldog Blogs. And then it hit me, a journal blog. It was genius! As much as I love inspiring my students, I love it even more when they inspire me.

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