Tapping into the World of Wonder

Mysteries The mysteries of the world are myriad. Sometimes they look like little balls of butter. Sometimes they clump together in the shape of South America. The mysteries of the world puzzle us. They make us take our glasses off …Read More


Using Kidblog in Literature Circles

A number of years ago I attempted to reinvent literature circles by putting the questions online and using Kidblog as the forum… they work together answering deeper level questions in class, and then they break to individually answer those questions on Kidblog.

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Finding a Voice

When I first introduced voice in writing, many of my students didn’t quite understand what was meant. I explained to them that having a voice in writing simply means that the author’s personality and beliefs shine through in their writing.

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“My First Best Poem”

I overhear a student telling his table partner, “This is my first best poem.” There is so much pride in this comment, as well as enthusiasm for writing future poems. Writing poetry in my creative writing class has become very rewarding for my students—and for me, too.

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