blurred mood - Martin Fisch

Is Your Audience Imaginary?

I used to think that we could pretend and imagine who our audience might be: write a letter to your grandmother, or write a persuasive essay to the principal. Although this may have helped students to think about word choice, it didn’t do anything to motivate them to do their best work.

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Journal entry - Ray Dumas - CC BY-SA via flickr

Find Your Space

When I went to check my email one evening, I had a note from one of my 6th graders, asking me if she could post her own personal story onto Bulldog Blogs. And then it hit me, a journal blog. It was genius! As much as I love inspiring my students, I love it even more when they inspire me.

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Comment Alley - Howard Lake - flickr

Creating Constructive Commenters

My students began their writing assignment in class and were required to finish their post for homework. Out of curiosity, I hopped on Kidblog that evening to see what my students were posting. I wasn’t surprised to see their blog posts pouring in; I was, however, surprised to find the little notification that told me I had comments awaiting my approval.

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Kidblog’s New Platform

Kidblog is thrilled to announce that we’ll soon be rolling out major platform enhancements. This new release is more than a mere “update” of the existing system. Based on feedback from teachers, students, and families, our development team has spent the past year redesigning our publishing interface to be even more flexible, customizable, stable, and secure.

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