Math Communication 1

Student Blogs for Math Communication

For most of my teaching career there has been a focus on math communication. Both verbal and written communication is something I’ve worked at incorporating daily into my students’ math program. Having students express thoughts, ideas, write their own problems and share how they completed tasks/solved problems, etc. can show a lot about a student’s mathematical understanding.

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BYOD - AJ Leon - CC BY - flickr

Digital Citizenship in a BYOD World

Our school was never known for our utilization of technology. This all changed last year, when our administrators implemented a Bring Your Own Device policy (B.Y.O.D) for our middle school students. This rather radical change was greeted with a variety of emotions from teachers and parents alike.

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3 Ways to Use Blogging in ELA

We’ve all heard about exciting and different ways to motivate and engage our students. If you’re like me, my first question is always, “how would this look in MY class with MY students?” As a language arts teacher, I am always looking for ways to foster the love of reading and writing in my students. Luckily, in my class with my students, blogging is the answer.

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