Why I Don’t Grade My Students’ Blogs

All that writing and you don’t have a single grade? This discussion came up in the faculty lunch room last week. Should we be grading student blogs? It seems silly to have students spend so much time on writing, then not grade it. But after much consideration, I realized it all goes back to your purpose.

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Blogging for Differentiation

I can remember hearing the word differentiation during my college education classes and thinking that the word alone sounded daunting. Little did I know how truly daunting it would become when actually faced with a room full of students with different needs, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.

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Big Experiences, Small Price

With rapid growth and the recent launch of our new student publishing platform, Kidblog usage is at an all-time high. This demand has led to increased infrastructure, support, and development costs. Our membership model is changing to continue to innovate and serve our users.

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Kidblog – Inside and Outside the Classroom

I value the importance of having strong, meaningful relationships with my students and their families. Through our ability to connect and communicate effectively I am able to model how we will be learning alongside each other throughout our year together. With these ideas in mind I started to use Kidblog as a platform to help me establish positive relationships with my students and their families.

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New Kidblog Available Now

Kidblog’s newly redesigned student publishing platform is here. Based on teacher input, the new platform delivers significant advancements in enabling students to share their voice with an authentic audience. Take a 3-minute video tour.

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