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How To Create And Submit A Sitemap To Google

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This article is to show tips on how to create and submit a niche site map to google.. First of all ,
What Is Google Sitemap?. - Tech

Google site map is often a file in XML format that contain all your website links or pages.. Its a fantastic seo tool for webmasters because it makes google to understand all your website pages.
I additionally want to make it known that submitting your sitemap to Google does not guarantee site/blog ranking .. Its simply for Google to have entry to your pages for crawling ..
How to Create A Sitemap..

> If you make use of WordPress blog, there are lots of Seo Plugins that could automatically create and submit your web site map to google for example All in one Seo Plugin , it is going to do all the work for you.

> If your make use of blogger blog, exactly like it , then your need to on line in Google Webmaster Tool , then Login into your account with blogger/site details.. Go to the sitemap link and you shall find some useful details and directions to create your sitemap .

> People that have static website, you will need to Create your sitemap manually..
It can be done by using an Online Sitemap Generator ,

Remember you need to create Webmaster Tool Account before you submit your site as well as verify the ownership of your site , its only you will then be able to submit your internet site map manually.
The best way to Submit Your Sitemap To Google..

Register to your webmaster Tool account, select Crawl and Select site map.

Select Add/Test Sitemap

Next is to submit the file name in the sitemap you created , it'll look like SITEMAP.XML

please if you make use of WordPress plugin in creating your sitemap, visit the plugin settings in the admin panel. There is an name of the sitemap there.

When you find yourself done then, click and submit the sitemap along with successfully created and submitted your sitemap to google! Now Google comes with an up-to-date listing of all your pages.

Google will automatically re-crawl your site once you make any new update...

Hope this assists, Please share - Tech

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