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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 10 Nucky spends the episode falling in and out of mental acuity and consciousness, seeing Billie’s face just as Babette’s explodes. He confuses Margaret with Billie and his dead wife and with ringing in his ears and blurred vision continues to lose his train of thought. He makes a scene at Emily’s birthday party hacking off a huge piece of cake for her and asking her if she has yet ridden her pony, one which Margaret already told him she didn’t buy. In his haze he calls the pony on top of her cake a “gypsy,” with Gyp Rosetti and the earlier threat of a gypsy man tangled in his thoughts.

After the explosion on the boardwalk Nucky is left with a concussion and is in a “mental fog,” as his doctor explains. The Thompsons, along with a small army of gangsters are in the Ritz Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 10 Carlton suite hiding out from Gyp Rosetti. The children and Margaret are getting cabin fever as Teddy protests making his bed, saying that the maid will do it. Margaret tells him to do it anyway because there won’t always be maids, looking ahead to a time when she won’t be under Nucky’s roof.

Amid the haze he manages to decide to make the explosion out to be a gas-leak accident and arranges to have the heads of the area gangs come to Atlantic City to plan a war on Gyp and Joe Massari. Everyone agrees to come except Torrio, who is presumably too busy drinking wine and thinking about Pompeii.

At one point Gyp calls Nucky and Teddy picks up the phone. Teddy goes into the office and tells Nucky that “the gypsy” is on the phone, spooky considering Teddy told everyone it was a gypsy man that started the fire in the greenhouse. Nucky picks up and Gyp reads Nucky Billie’s obituary from the paper.

Ahead of the meeting Nucky is ill and asks for Margaret. When she comes to him in the bathroom of the suite he gives her what he thinks is her missing hummingbird earring, the earring Billie was looking for the night of the explosion. Margaret tells him that it belongs to someone else. He realizes it is Billie’s earring and confesses that it is his fault she is dead. He tells Margaret that there is no walking away from him, but is he talking about her or about the gangsters he is about to meet with? He says those men are either with him or against him, and if they walk away he is as good as dead. Margaret tries to pull Nucky together for the meeting, asking him if he knows who she is. “Margaret Schrader” he replies. “Margaret Thompson” she replies. “I am your wife.”

Nucky makes his plea to the men saying that while Gyp is just his problem now, it won’t be long before they too have a problem with him. He manages to look composed and trails off only once. Rothstein speaks up and tells Nucky that he and everyone else in the room have come to wish him well, but they won’t go to war over his problem.

Nucky shouts after Rothstein that he won’t forget this betrayal.

Meanwhile, at Gillian’s brothel, Tommy has gotten attached to one of the girls, Josephine. Gillian gives Harrow permission to take the night off to go to an American Legion meeting, which turns out to be a dance. He takes Ms. Sarkowski and the other vets are surprised that he has a date, let alone a beautiful one. When the two take to the dance floor it turns out Harrow has some moves, dipping her to applause at the end of the song. Then she gives him a kiss.

When Harrow returns home he finds an angry Gillian in Tommy’s room. While Harrow was out Tommy got onto the “girls’ floor” and walked in on Josephine and a client. Gillian blames Harrow, as it is his responsibility to watch Tommy. When Gillian leaves and Harrow strokes Tommy’s arm in his sleep Tommy wakes up and tells Harrow that he wants to go home.

Meantime, Margaret and Owen begin to talk about running away and leaving Nucky. Margaret doesn’t believe he is serious, but when he convinces her that he is, she tells them she wants to leave a soon as possible.

In Tabor Heights, Gyp strengthens his foothold. He gives the sheriff a good beating, getting him back in line. He holds a mini town-hall meeting, telling the townsfolk if they look the other way, he will give them $200 a month. Oh, and bible camp is canceled. Most of the townies get on line to give their names and addresses and take the cash.

While Gyp is in the town hall building he notices a dummy of a soldier and notices he has an Italian name, Anthony. Later he goes back to the hall, cracks the display case open with a gun, and takes the officer’s hat, which he wears proudly as he oversees his men unloading crate upon crate of booze from boats and onto cars on the beach.

The Feds make their move on Remus and though he puts up a good fight, running around his house in a bathrobe to evade them, he is arrested for violating prohibition. As the Feds scoop him up from the floor he shouts that he has receipts that will prove he was being paid by Dougherty, something Ms. Randolph is interested in seeing.

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