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You and your friends go for a stress reliever one night in the club. You dance, get into a trance from the neon lights and set the mood up for some spinning. In between, of course, you have some lovely dinner or snacks on your table with your friends or approach some fellows in the bar and offer them (or have yourself offered) some drinks. While you wait, you watch a performance by a guy who mixes and prepares your drink beautifully – and he doesn’t just mean “mixing” – he bartends – and all of the spectators outside his stage called the cocktail bar seem very impressed.

Bartending has evolved through the time. Before, it literally meant just tending the bar – taking orders, probably even waiting tables and serving customers well. Nowadays, bartending seems to be but an artful performance and a wonderful way of mixing cocktails and drinks. Today it seems to be an art only somebody trained and so talented could do or might still be even mastering after how many points of training.

Where to Learn It

Bartending is a very delicate art and job. Many have tried to learn it on their own by watching videos online, repetitively observing their favorite bartenders and imitating it in their own spaces, and these are just about the way they flip the bottles and cocktail mixers. However, this job ought to be learned and trained in a specific period of time with a skilled instructor to observe necessary measures and methods.

To bartend is not just about giving the crowd a great performance. While this is important, the taste of the finished product cocktail is all the more vital. After all, it is the primary duty of the bartender to serve the customers well with a drink that tickle their taste buds and leave them wanting more.

Nowadays, there are plenty of bartending schools in the metro where one can learn the skills needed to tend the cocktail bar. There, one can be specifically trained in taste, cocktails that go well together and don’t, and the technicalities of flipping and flapping bottles and mixers without shattering them into pieces. Of course no one has perfected the non-shattering part yet but trainers will particularly inculcate necessary safety measures to avoid breaking fragile materials.

Aside from vocational lessons about how to bartend, culinary and hospitality students in several colleges and universities are being taught as well on the basics and fundamentals of bartending. This is to prepare them for a future possibility of taking on a restaurant’s cocktail bar or sommelier section. Surprisingly, bartenders prove to be very essential in some restaurants in the city as without them, it will be much harder to accommodate the people’s customized drink requests all at once. One more thing is that it is very rare for a restaurants, cafes and clubs to be without a cocktail bar

Above all, the task to become a bartender seems to be cool, nonetheless. It’s a real job that takes real skills and talent to portray and it seems to be a decent work to do for a living.#

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