After school and I.

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What I like doing after school?

Well after school I go to the library to do my home-work and do some computer games after I have done my work.

I like to play with my siblings and play around the park or at our backyard.I help around the house or help my to do the washing,cleaning or just look after my baby brother.In my spare time I read but my parents get angry (parents these days don’t know why they get angry) but its bot my fault they can neverĀ  stop me reading because reading is my passion.

Challenge 4 Sept 2011


  1. Liana
    Hi Zechariahbrs13,
    I like reading too! Do you have a favourite book? My favourite book it called ‘Noah Barleywater Runs Away’. It’s a really good, fantasy book! I would love to write a book like my favourite one because I love reading fairy-tale kind of stories! I am doing the student blogging challenge too! What has been your favourite challenge so far? My favourite has been challenge 4, activity 5 where you write a choose your own adventure story! This was for the student blogging challenge 4, activity 6!
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    From LOL(Liana)
  2. daniela
    hi! i liked your blog take a look at mines: talk you soon!!
  3. Kayla

    I love reading too!! Reading is my passion. I enjoy autobiographies and biographies. But I would read any book placed in front of me. I have a few particular authors I prefer to read but still read others. Do you have a favourite book? What authors do you like to read? Which rugby team do you want to win the RWC? I’m a kiwi, so I go for the All Blacks. Check out my blog and comment on one of my posts!!
    Thank you!! If you can’t click the link, just copy and paste it inot the bar.


    P.S. Could I put your blog on my blogroll??
  4. Mr Wood
    I also love reading Zech, I like it because it takes me away into new worlds in my mind, which is a good escape when parents are being mad. Sometimes it is hard to understand why adults get angry, but if you have someone to talk to about it, it does help.

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