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Frabby and Friends Part 2

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Frabby picked up the tablet and started to read. Congratulations! You have solved the first puzzle. Now to get your stone you must solve this riddle. After you have turned 8 into 6, look up into a fold and there you will get your prize. Frabby looked up but all he could see was a sun baked roof. He climbed the stairs and looked up. Now, all he could see were palm trees. The glossy,shiny soft leaves that he could use to make a bed. He tugged and tugged but the leaves wouldn’t budge. Night was falling fast and the moon was not out today. Now the leaves the Frabby had wanted, looked like sharp dagger claws. Everything around him looked like parts of the vicious monster, the furple gurple.

Frabby salvaged what he could find, and slowly, ever so slowly fell asleep. Frabby was on the sun. He  was hopping around like a potato. Then Frabby fell flat on his face and woke up. He started searching for the fold.( Just to tell you, its probably not the kind of fold you would think of.) Every few seconds he would look up and see nothing but palm trees. After a few minutes he noticed that the same palm tree was following him! Just then, he spotted a shimmer among the folds of the palm tree!

Frabby found the stone , but he couldn’t find a way to get it. He didn’t know how to climb and he needed the gem. Then Frabby saw that  little things were shoved into the tree trunk . He decided that today was the day he was going to learn to climb! ( In case  I did not  tell you, Frabby can’t climb.) Frabby slowly swung his leg up on one of the shelves. Then he grabbed the uppermost shelve he could reach, and swung his other leg up. In about five minutes he was at the top! Frabby reached for the sparkling gem. He was an inch away from it, when he started to slip. Frabby quickly grabbed the gem, and fell to the ground. He looked in his hand. The sparkly, purple gem shimmered in the hot sunlight. Suddenly, a person walked out of the bushes. She had curly red pigtails, sea green eyes,  black knee high boots, A star necklace, a sliver skirt with blue glitter and a sleeveless top with the beach on it. She stepped out of the shadows. “Who are you?” Frabby asked. “My name is Star, I live here on the island.” she said. ” I saw you trying to get that amethyst.” she continued. I could have helped. There was only one thing Frabby knew about Star, and that was that she looked like the last person on earth, that would climb a tree. “Anyway” Star’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts. ” I better get going, Bye!” she said as turned around and walked away. Only then did Frabby realize that he hadn’t told Star his name. He pushed the thought out of his head and started looking for something to hold the so called amethyst. Just then, the wind picked up and leaves danced and swirled around Frabby. Then, when the leaves cleared up he had a little pouch to hold all his ‘amethysts’. (Frabby doesn’t know the gems have different names.)

Frabby started looking for the next gem. He followed a path that led him to to the ocean. There he saw , a mermaid singing on the rocks! The mermaid had wavy golden-brown  hair that reached down to her shoulders, a shimmery white top that was so sparkly he had to look away, and she had a shimmering teal tail. He approached quietly. Suddenly, he called out ” What is you name?! “  The the mermaid jumped in the water and started swimming. Frabby felt downcast. He wanted to know the mermaids name. Then a card flew down to Frabby. In orange writing the card said: Coral.  Now, Frabby was happy, now he knew the mermaids name!

Frabby kept walking. He followed every twist and turn, until he was hopelessly lost. Then, the air started to change. The air became crisp and cold. Like after a visit from Jack Frost himself. Frabby still kept following the path until he was in a clearing. There, right in front of him was a crystal pool. Just like in his dreams. Right in the middle was the mermaid called Coral. Then Coral spotted him, she dived in the water and swam up to him. “Hi.” she said.  Frabby didn’t know what to say. He had never spoken to a mermaid before. Then a tablet in Coral’s hand caught his eye. “Could I read that tablet Coral?” He asked. She laughed. “Yes, of course.” Coral said and handed over the tablet. This is what it said: Solve the mermaids riddle and claim your prize. You have until sundown. Good Luck! “To find the thing that you are seeking, look for the place that the water is leaking.” Coral’s voice swam into his head. Then, with a flick of her tail, she was gone.


  1. Noa K
    Vera, you should be an author when you grow up! I can’t wait to hear the next Frabby and Friends story!
  2. Elizabeth
    Yea i agree with noah good job Vera
  3. Al
    I thought the first one was really good, but this one is a lot better
  4. Vera S
    Thanks Noa.
  5. Elizabeth
    hey in case you don’t know I am given orders to read and give you feed back, ok?
  6. Elizabeth
    but i really want 2 read your story after the first one!!!!
    let’s get started!!!
  7. Elizabeth
    You are helping me with my editing skills!!!!!! Thanks Vera I will be back 2mmrw 2 read more! Keep up the great work~~~~~!
  8. Elizabeth
    alright, at first i like how you make it seem like there is something after you but i really think that you should go into a little more about hurple gurple

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