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How to Make Rap Beats - 10 Basic steps

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Curren$y type beat

When you are in the beginning stages making beats it could be fun and frustrating at the same time. Count on me I used to be there. But it really is simpler you then think. If you are building a beat here are 10 tips which will get yo stated.

Drake type beat
1. Choose a style- Be aware of type of beat you would like to make before you begin making it. Like rnb,rap,pop, etc. There has been a lot of beats which i made and may not evaluate which style it was.

2. Pick A Major Artist- Imagine a known artist that you would want to make the beat for. Like in the event you chose a style a rap, think now what artist do you wish to make the beat for. Try to that is amazing artist in your beat. This makes your rap beat-making experience a whole lot easier.

3. Tune in to Their Song- Take a tune in to the artist you're making the beat for songs. Begin to see the style. Get yourself a sense of the kind of rap beats the artist raps over.

4. Formatting The Song- Very important. formatting is, the intro, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, etc. That's all it is but basically you simply alter the order around nevertheless, you feel like it. Turn on the air and see how your favorite artist formats there song. When instruments are available in, when they drop out. The standard form to begin with is, 2 or 4 bar intro, 16 bar verse, 8 bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8bar chorus, 16 bar verse, 8 bars chorus. Here is the simplest beat-making song format. This is extremely common in rap. If you'd like an even simpler way, you can create an 8 bar loop whilst it the same through the entire whole song. I've come across this done a great deal.

5. Setting up the beat- I've discovered that for starters, it's simpler to begin with the drums. Kick, Snare, Hi hat, will always be an excellent start. Record a pattern for four bars with those first. Then layer by using maybe some toms, cow-bell, symbols, etc. Whatever you want to make use of. THE DRUMS Will be the Most significant IN MAKING Rap BEATS! Your drums must hit striking HARD. The best way to get the drums hitting hard is simply by not using "pitty pat" free kits you downloaded on the internet free of charge. If the drums are weak, your beat is going to be weak.

6. Laying Down A Melody- That's where most hiphop beat-makers possess the most trouble. Since most eat makers can't play in the keys. First of all, you may want to learn basic keyboard skills. The key thing you have to learn are, minor and major scales. After you learn that, attempt to do different combinations and patterns with the drum beat you earn. Work with an instrument like, a lead guitar, horns, clav, something that will stand out. Your melody may be however, you want to buy, however for starters, you could do a 4 bar melody, or perhaps an 8 bar melody.

7. Layering The Beat- What's done a lot in beat making is layering. If you have your entire beat finished. You are able to go and make it sound bigger by layering. Whatever you do is fill in some gaps, do the same pattern you did with one instrument with another instrument. Try this during your beat. This will make you beat sound a great deal fatter.

8. Pan- Panning is actually through an instrument to the proper, to the left, and anywhere in between. You pan for those kinds of different reasons. It gives each track its very own little space in the stereo field. There isn't any rules for panning, place you want to do it. So just give it a try and see that which you like best.

9. The Mixdown- Essential! Essential! Extremely important! If you have an unhealthy mix on your own beat, then you have pretty much wasted your time and effort. When mixing a beat, begin with each track individually. Solo each track and be sure it appears good on it's own. EQ it if you have to, however, if each track sounds good on it's own, the entire beat will sound much better. Don't DISTORT! If your master levels are in the red before you decide to bounce to disc or .mp3, your distorting. Don't worry about whether its not loud enough. You never ever ever desire to distort. If you're distorting, check any instrument which has boom or cheap, Being a kick, bass, sub, etc. these often distort more regularly.

10. The Bounce- If you are made you're beat, It will be the hottest rap beat ever, you want to put it on cd or upload it to the web. If you are exporting a beat for cd, Use .wav file. 44.1 16bit. If you wish to upload to the net use, 320kbps (the best .mp3 quality) or 128kbps. Most websites wont accept 320kbps because the quality is just too big. So go with 128kbps.

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