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Lex luger drum kit can be a game changer

Categories: Blog November 30, 2012 @ 8:12 AM 0 Comments      

Young Producer “Lex Luger” is smashing in the Rap game today! His signature” tuned horn riffs” and dominating drum sounds have been in quite high demand while he has worked with big names for example Rick Ross, Fabolous, Waka Flocka, Kanye and Jay-Z simply to name a few

hip hop drum kit

This hot producer has talent and drive and thats what separates the winners in the losers within this game. You should workday and night, hold the right arsenal and try to be in the loop. This is where Dangerloops might help. We have created the MONSTER of all Lex Luger drum kits you will ever see sold anywhere!

hip hop drum kit

This HOT NEW KIT was created through the Dangerloops sound engineers and was modeled all things considered of the present sounds utilized by “LEX LUGER“. This kit includes Snares, Kicks, Claps, Sound efx, to create your own Street Banga Like LEX LUGER.

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