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Why Anippe Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets & Bath Towels?

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Egyptian Cotton

Welcome to, a prominent provider of Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels & Luxury Egyptian cotton Bed Linens for the finest hotels and homes worldwide! You will find our service and products are first rate in the market.

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Our high thread count sheets are made from Pure 100% Egyptian cotton. Anippe offers the highest quality and a lot affordable Egyptian Cotton Bed Linens on the market currently. Keep reading to learn why top hotels around the globe choose Anippe and Egyptian Cotton.

Lately, we have seen a resurgence of interest in luxury and fine living. One of the simplest ways to experience upscale living is always to upgrade your bedding, bath and towels robes to Egyptian cotton. But, before you decide to spend money on expensive linens, there are a few facts you should know.

What exactly is Egyptian Cotton?

Egyptian cotton is actually a species of the cotton plant family that is cultivated within the Nile Valley in Egypt. The region surrounding Giza provides the ideal climate for growing cotton plants with very fine, extra-long fibers, also called staples. Egyptian cotton is classified as ELS, Extra-Long Staple. Pima cotton, that is indigenous to the American Southwest, is also ELS cotton. Egypt supplies roughly 55% of ELS cotton to everyone. ELS cotton can be spun into very fine yarn that is soft and luxurious as well as very durable, strong and super absorbent, because of the long fiber length.

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Egyptian cotton is hand-picked by local growers and it is combed to preserve the integrity in the fiber. Leaves them straight and intact, though hand picking, as opposed to large-scale mechanical picking, does not add extra stress to the cotton fibers.

When you're selecting Egyptian cotton bedding and linens, make sure you look for pure cotton products, which cost more than products manufactured with mixed fibers. The Egyptian government developed a logo that is used to tell apart 100% Egyptian cotton products using their company cottons. The brand includes a white cotton plant inside a dark triangle. Always choose Egyptian cotton products with this official seal of authenticity.


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