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Dangers of Fuse Panels: Abolish the risks

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Electrical service - In my experience I have seen people adding the electrical load in their house or office these types of this addition of new devices and replacing that old ones with higher capacity appliances without taking into consideration the augmentation with the panels, fuses/breakers, cable sizes and other electrical switches and sockets at appropriate places. Basically this occurs because of not enough technical knowledge in electricity and its particular usage standards. It will always be smart to consult an electric engineer or perhaps a certified electrician before you make such changes/additions towards the electrical loads.

Historic fuse boxes

Electrical service - Pre-1950 fuse boxes continue to be in service in several places. Because of insufficient maintenance the installations outlived and become potential threat to electrical safety. Early installations use two fuses for each circuit; one on the hot and also the other about the neutral. Fuses might be in older ratings and could not match with the changed electrical load requirements. Fundamental essentials dangers of fuse panels available since very long years.

Utilization of Fuses within the fuse panel

The fuse box resembles today’s circuit breaker electrical service panel for terminating the incoming electrical service and distribution to branch circuits within the premises. It provides over current protection through the use of fuses. These fuses burn and disconnect the power supply for the load for ensuring electrical safety. One must manually restore the fuse wire in to the fuse carrier to get the ability supply normal again. Many times use of wrong size fuse wires becomes unavoidable for the users and so such fuse panels come under danger zone. In such cases the fuses wouldn't blow out and be an origin fire threat. As an example whenever a 10-amp fuse blows out, anyone might screw in a 20-amp fuse (not understanding the results) as a substitute instead of calling an electrical contractor to replace the fuse. That fellow has established a fire hazard unknowingly since the fuse destined to blow at 15 amp current wouldn't normally break the circuit at that time and allows higher current in to the circuit and become great risks of fuse panels.

Nullify the Dangers of Fuse Panels

Power cables in the input service source and therefore are distributed from the fuses inside the fuse panel for the loads. 3 hot supplies, a neutral and ground will be the main resources which can be interconnected through cables which are terminated in metal sockets and screwed in to the fuse terminals. Fire hazards, Electrocution and melting of insulation from the wires the main dangers of fuse panels that are not upgraded at appropriate time.

1. Use of standard rated circuit breakers at the input and distribution points.

2. Fuses are to be replaced by hiring the assistance of electricians till the above step is taken.

3. Use cables of a good size, color. If required have to changed with new cables.

4. Bus bars and sockets of suitable size were designed and terminated without the loose joints. Standard tools and accessories are to be used.

5. Appropriate ground source and connection will be to ensured to prevent getting electrocuted.

6. Maintain every one of the unwanted junks away from the fuse panel area.

7. Better how the fuse panel is kept under closed condition.

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