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Are You Intelligently Lazy?

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The best way to become Smartly Lazy

While employed for a sales trainer in a large global bank, I found during a period of time that the regulations of mediocre sales wisdom had entirely taken over the attitude of practically 95 % of the organisations workforce. While strangely a small circle of area agents kept raking in the huge dollars by declaring virtually 80% of the entire commission volumes. This generated a whole lot of disillusionment amongst the vast majority as expected, but the reality is these men were doing something inordinately distinct.

In every organisation, you can find controversy theorist who always justify their failure by demeriting the initiatives of the elite groups. All said and done some thing was different. Being a sales coach, I knew the essentials of sales and the way the gift of the gab could garner a significant pay check. However, this was different things, these guys were regularly maximising the numbers and in some circumstances each one of them had 2-3 mobile phones to handle the inflow of fresh revenue options. I was curious, and therefore as part of field research I needed to rationally deduce their modus Operandi.

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The Strategies of an Intelligently Lazy Telemarketer

Initially it appeared too simple to be accurate, reason being these guys barely worked and spent almost all of their operating hours receiving fresh prospects rather than make cold-calls to prospective customers. This looked like a puzzle. Did they have yet another team working for them? And did this team resource new chances for them?

To my amazement, nothing of the type was happening. These guys were genuinely producing heaps of new business and it seemed like the angels were bathing them revenue like Mana from heaven. This was too great to be true, In my heart I felt like a total loser since I understood that I'd educated them well, but the truth was that in as a sales agent my evening I'd never performed this well. This made me interested and angry with myself.

Enough is enough and so I made the decision to reach the heart of the matter. The only way to get answers was to subtly use my influence for a field moderator and find this key for myself. Hence I determined to schedule a field trip with John D'souza the most effective sales agent within the whole business. From his external demeanour John barely came across as a superstar, but once you got talking to him you might see the trust of succeeding oozing from his personality.

I decided to get John to list his actionables for the coming week and the day. To my astonishment Steve did not seem to have a really frantic schedule, infact he was operating only three hours every day, and for the rest of the day he was playing golf at a local club and after having cocktails at one of the very most elite clubs in the town. To me it looked like he was goofing around, nevertheless his numbers were indisputable and that was the only thing which held me from putting a demerit on his area report.

Signs of an Intelligently Idle Sales Agent

I determined to confront him with his diary program and its own invariable inconsistency together with the stereotypical activities of a telemarketer.

What Steve revealed to me next, stunned me utterly, He explained " Dominic, I am so productive in life thanks to the advice you offered me three years ago in my own induction course, You said 'Do not work difficult, Be Smartly Lazy'. Infact all the very best performers in the staff praise you for that gem, as we found that it had been the entire and single key to the success.

"I function only 3 hours every day doing what everyone does, as well as for the rest of the day I link with my real company possibilities. I satisfy CEO's and COO's and Manager's while playing golf. These men love my sport and so, keep inviting me to all of the vital activities where I fulfill even larger business prospects. I never talk shop together, however they understand I work for a huge multinational bank. If they think of the lender or an investment opportunity they instantly think of me because we're friends as well as the simple truth is that you have a tendency to trust friends and family greater than a lender.

This is my little secret, and great part is the fact that they do not actually realize that they benefit me when sending new my way to business. Their impact in the company means that I really can get the entire portfolio without actually creating a sales-pitch to anybody within the business.

I will let you in on another secret, I didn't understand the mind no tail of golfing and couldn't tell one metal from the additional. But, as an expense in 'ME', I opted to have golfing lessons from the best coach within the state so that I really might use these talent to network having the most powerful minds in the business world."

Find the-art of becoming Smartly Lazy

For once I was dumbfounded. Here was many people who had literally taken my haphazard conversation and transformed it into a gold mine. I learned my lesson well and so today I've started listening and viewing every video and audio on the Enable Network. To my shock I discovered that just about like my jewels David Wood and David Sharpe were 2 Smartly Lazy

men who had learnt from existence and were now ready to share this Mana from heaven together with the kind of you and me.

The proof is in eating the pudding and realizing success by activity not volumes. Meet the Intelligently Lazy Guys

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