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Object Lesson - Easter Egg Surprise

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It is really an object lesson that suits in well with the Easter season. To organize the lesson, get 4 plastic Easter eggs and place the following items in them: inside one egg is a sticker, inside the second can be a polished rock, in the third is a piece of cloth, and the fourth you've got a nail. The primary lesson to teach is God are able to use you to meet a need in a friend's life and also the supporting Bible verse is James 1:22. -sparkle and shine puzzle


The apostles were ordinary, everyday guys. I doubt that folks saw anything special when passing them in the pub. Outwardly these men didn't seem special. What caused them to be special was what was on the inside; something people couldn't see. I have got 4 eggs here, each with something inside. Let's consider each one and see as we can figure out what made them so special and what will make you special as well.

(Open the very first egg.) Here we have a sticker. Stickers are bright and colorful when you put them on something, they hold fast. Giving a bright, colorful sticker to a person can be a real encouragement in their mind and help brighten their day. A true friend is someone who sticks by you no matter what and has a way of brightening your day. By the time you get to it of Acts, the truth is the disciples stuck by one another and encouraged each other.

(Open the second egg.) This is a rock; but this one isn't an ordinary one. It's a polished rock. Normally, rocks are rough, but they can be polished generating smooth like this one. It requires time and effort to polish one, however, if it's done, it helps make it special. A real friend is somebody that accepts you when you are, but also helps to make you better. They do that allowing you know when you're starting to mess up, by encouraging you to definitely do right things, and by helping you to think of others in front of yourself. A true friend will help polish you and make you into a better person.

(Open the next egg.) This one includes a piece of cloth inside it. This reminds me of your cleaning rag that a servant would use. A real friend is one who serves others and puts them first. Service starts within your heart as a desire to help others and shows in your actions. You can serve others when you're kind to them, helping them once they need help, or saying an encouraging word to them if they are down. The disciples served people on a regular basis.

(Open the fourth egg.) A nail. Jesus is the best friend anyone can ever have. The Bible claims that he is a friend that sticks closer when compared to a brother. But, some wicked men nailed Jesus to the cross to pay for our sins. When you have a friend that doesn't know Jesus as Savior, their greatest should get is to be saved from their sin. You can help to meet that need by letting them know about Jesus. The disciples went all over the place telling people about Jesus.

Exactly what do these four stuff has in common? They all result from a heart which is in love with Jesus and it has his love for others. James 1:22 tells us to be doers of the word and never hearers only. If you're deeply in love with Jesus and have his love for others, you will be a doer and then God can use you to meet a need in the friend's life. -sparkle and shine puzzle

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