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Built for Teachers

Built for Teachers

Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publish posts and participate in academic discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts.

Use Kidblog to:

  • create classroom discussions
  • learn digital citizenship
  • practicing writing skills
  • create an e-portfolio
  • reflect on learning
  • formatively assess writing

Easy for Students

Easy for Students

Kidblog is accessible by students of any age or experience level. We take the hassle out of online publishing with our:

  • Simple login pages – no memorizing usernames
  • Central blog directory – it’s easy to find classmates’ blogs
  • Clutter-free design – less time fussing with widgets; more time writing
  • Completely ad-free environment

Great for Schools

Efficient for Technology Coordinators

Give your teachers and students a tool they’ll be excited to use! All Kidblogs are powered by WordPress, the industry-standard publishing platform, made accessible to students of all ages. We feature:

  • Customizable privacy settings to match your district’s technology policies
  • Sign-in with Google Apps for Education
  • SiS integration and bulk user-creation for seamless account provisioning
  • COPPA-compliant Terms of Service for students under 13

Go Digital

With Kidblog, your students can write anywhere: from the computer lab, at home, and on their iPad or smartphone. And you can stop lugging around all those paper notebooks!

Find An Audience

Motivate your students to write. Kidblog gives your students’ writing a meaningful purpose and an authentic audience. Teachers control all privacy settings so nothing goes live until you say so. Learn more about Kidblog's unique features.

e-Portfolios that Work

Kidblog makes it easy to publish rich multimedia content. Seamlessly embed slideshows, videos, podcasts, artwork, Google Docs, and your favorite Web 2.0 tools like Storybird, Animoto, Glogster, etc. All in a single, secure e-portfolio that you’ll be proud to show parents and colleagues.

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