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How Teachers & Students Are Using Kidblog

Creative Writing

Publishing becomes an integral part of the writing process – not an afterthought.

Book Club

A perfect way to get your students reading, writing, and responding to literature.

Math Problem-solving

Encourage students to solve real-world problems and demonstrate mathematical understanding.

Science Notebooks

Help students develop and practice their science understanding, while also enhancing communication.

Global Pen Pals

Motivate students to write by expanding their audience beyond the classroom.

Digital Portfolio

An ideal way to demonstrate learning growth through pictures, video, writing, and more.

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What People Say

Some FANTASTIC peer critique on blog. Mixed ability kids working together! Not even homework. Love our blog.
Miss Lud
The data I've gotten from the kids' posts has been amazing. I can already begin to design targeted writing instruction based just on the comments they made about football and hot chocolate!
Stacy Tebesco
A very cool way to get students engaged in writing in a meaningful way both inside and outside of school.
Emily Torres