Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Labor Day has passed, and summer vacation is long gone. It’s time to put on your game face and head back to school! While you’re at it, go ahead – do it in style! We’ve got a round-up of some super neat gadgets sure to impress your students and make one or two faculty members green with envy.

1. Charge Up On-the-Go!

This ain’t your mom’s car phone charger! PowerJolt has gone and created what we’ve always wanted – a car charger for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, what have you – that features a passthrough power outlet… meaning you can charge one gadget while you’re already charging another gadget…. genius! How? provides the 10-watt charging power needed by these popular Apple products, and pops open to offer another built-in 12-volt accessory outlet. Wave bye-bye to those days of arriving at school with a drained tablet battery, or heading out after work with a mobile clinging to life. GriffinTechnology.com is the place to get one.

2. Perpetually Hot Coffee!

While you’re at it, say sayonara to cold coffee (or tea!), too. Didn’t have time to chug your morning caffeine on the commute to class? Fear not. Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug keeps your beverage of choice warmed to perfection with a 12-volt power plug. Hey! If you get that PowerJolt Plus, you can charge your iPad AND make sure your mug is at a constant tasty temperature. Just awesome. Another nice touch to this travel cup? It’s adorably retro-tastic :) . You can swoop one up at  ThinkGeek.com.

3. Blast from the Past! USB Hub

While we’re rocking the vintage vibe… nothing says “yesteryear” like an old school cassette tape. Well… how about one that’s secretly a 4-port USB hub! Plug this puppy into your laptop and behold, four additional USB ports for your other external gadgets! You can pick one up at USBGeek.com

4. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

This one’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re going to buy a writing utensil, buy a freaky-brilliant writing utensil! This truly smartpen boasts some pretty amazing features:

  • Record and playback functionality for anything you want to hear or remember
  • “Save and search” ability (save notes to a computer, and search for words within your notes!)
  • Ability to send recorded notes as files or PDFs – even embed “pencasts” in a webpage!
  • Download apps like dictionaries, translators, games, and more…
  • 8 GB memory!

Our friend Sam Patterson  (@LearningsLiving) is a big proponent of using LiveScribe in the classroom. Check out his “live” notes from EdCamp SF Bay in August. These awesome pens are available at Target.com.

5. Kidblog :)

A wonderful way to bring your classroom and students into the 21st century is with the sense of connectedness, collaboration, and engagement provided by a student-publishing platform. We’re thrilled to have recently rolled out a bunch of new features here at Kidblog, just in time for the new school year. Check ‘em out, and have fun :) .

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