Connecting with an Audience

Creating an audience for students helps them to discover that writing is not just fulfilling a class assignment—it can be a tool for thinking, a means to connect with readers, and a way to understand ourselves and others.

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Blended Learning

When we implement blended learning in our classrooms, we need to be aware of falling into the trap of doing the same old thing with new technology. Innovative teaching is a proactive approach to integrating new teaching strategies and methods into a classroom.

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The Power of Words: Gratitude

Helping students find gratitude in their lives can lessen challenges they face, brighten their day, and empower them to do good. The more aware and grateful we are of what we have and our capabilities the more capable and effective we become in living, the “fullness of life”.

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“The Real Deal”

I have encouraged my students to share with me their perceptions of how blogging helps them meet the goals we set. Their opinions and perceptions, what I like to call “The Real Deal”, serves as my system of checks and balances, and helps me drive my instruction in ways that allow my students to both achieve the necessary standards and still come to school excited to learn.

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