“My First Best Poem”

Breaking free from the formula I overhear a student telling his table partner, “This is my first best poem.” There is so much pride in this comment, as well as enthusiasm for writing future poems. Writing poetry in my creative writing …Read More


One Little Word

When January comes around, everyone is thinking about how to make this year better than the previous one.  Often we make resolutions, but they tend to get left behind.  I resolve to walk every day and am met with cold air …Read More


STEM Mentoring Using Kidblog

As the need for STEM related jobs grows, the education world is changing.  Integrating STEM education into all aspects of teaching should not only be easy to do, but it should be fun!  Blogging provides a means to get students …Read More


Writing for a Global Audience

Pen pals have long been an iconic and treasured part of education. Now with advancement in technology and educators focusing on 21st century learning skills, student blogging is quickly taking the place of the traditional pen pal letter. Through student-blogging …Read More