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Erika Ebbel

Categories: Kolbert's HR March 7, 2010 @ 7:27 PM 7 Comments      

In class on Friday, we video conferenced with biochemist  Erika Ebbel. It was lots of fun to learn about what she does and hear some answers to questions some of my classmates asked. Erika studys many things like cures to diseases. She also competed in the "Miss America" competion and won "Miss Massachusetts" in 2002. Here is a link to learn about her:

Here is the link to the video conference we did with her: <- Erika Ebbel


  1. Mrs. Kolbert
    That was fun, wasn't it? I don't remember... did you get to ask a question?
  2. Jessica
    no :(
  3. Brooke
    Cool Jess! :)
  4. Maria C
    It was so cool!! Although I would have liked to ask my question.
  5. Mrs. Kolbert
    What question would you have asked her?
  6. Frankie
    how many pagents she has won in hre life
  7. Jess!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would have asked her "Did You still get to work on science during the beauty pagent ?(because it took up a lot of your time)"

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