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Hi  I'm Carly a student from Mrs.Kolbert's Class and  I  am  going to tell you  what to expect this year with Mrs.Kolbert . First of all, you better get used to homework on the computer because Mrs.Kolbert is into technology and therefore you will be using technology quite often.Some things we do on the internet would be:

  • voicethread
  • kidblog .......which I'm making a post for you on right now
  • our class blog
  • gizmos
  • Brain Pop

In Mrs.Kolbert's class we also do many hands on science experiments which are always fun.  Mrs.Kolbert will also be teaching you many writing  skills that you will need to know for the FCAT writes. Some things you should know about Mrs.Kolbert would be that  she is not a boring teacher and not a type of teacher that makes you want to put your head down on your desk during class. Mrs.kolbert is a very nice teacher  ,and if you are well behaved she never yells.To keep it that way  DON'T

  • shout out in class
  • don't talk when Mrs. Kolbert is talking
  • don't talk during a test
  • don't get in a fight with anyone

And you shold be just fine..............



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In an email you usually  add a Smiley emotion. I have a-lot of smiley faces if you like some of mine you can just

copy and paste it into your  emails.

If there is a smiley i dont have  you can just leave a comment with it  and tell how you made it. :D :0 :P :*(   :&)  :)

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I would like to be on the WOWL team this year and next year.  Many people think that I am shy, but at home I make many movies where I am the star on photobooth. I believe that I have an important voice that should be heard. I 'd like to stop being shy and face my fears and talk in front of many people on WOWL. I will speak very fluently in a clear and very easy to understand voice. My mom thinks that this would be a wonderful experience for me and will certainly be able to get me to the school early in the morning. I   follow directions in class all the time.Movie 37


I understand if you do not pick me, I just thought it would be a great exerience for me and I have wanted to be on W.O.W.L since kindergarden

:D                                                             :)

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For field day we were in charge to pick a team country. Our teacher Mrs.Kolbert  picked an awesome   country called Djibouti. Have you ever heard of that interesting country? The country is on the Continent of Africa.The people of Djibouti speak French, Somalian,and Arabic.Their continent is extremely hot like the desert. I got the information here.

Flag of DjiboutiThis is the Djibouti flag. Did you know the French were the people to discover Djibouti? The Prime Minister is Dileita since 2001. Their religions are mostly Muslim ( 94 percent ) Roman Catholic, Protestant and Greek Orthodox.I got that information here. facts about Djibouti are  the population which would be 793,000 and the area is 23,200 square kilometers.

If you know anything else about Djibouti please comment with some information about the country.

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My favorite type of dog is a teacup yorkie.

What is your favorite type of dog???????????????        

please coment


I cant wait for your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!