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a skype adventure

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on thursday we skyped and sang with a class in California, in the USA. we sang four songs: Hello Goodbye by the Beatles (chino, pipita, franchesco and me, alex), then mili.r, valen and claruchi sang “hot and cold” by the chippettes and lalo,tincho and bauti sang “who made who” by ac/dc. Later, the Californian class sang some beautiful “Christmas carols” and we sang also sang a Christmas carol in Spanish.

and when we were watching and they were  singing carols we saw a poster they made for us that said “FELIZ NAVIDAD” I felt very happy and touched, it was a very nice gesture.

This experience was fantastic, amazing.

California is on the west coast in the United States. you can see it on the map.


  1. gsandler
    Wow Alex! I LOVED this post!
    Skyping with Mrs Young’s class was an amazing experience for me too. It was one of the most wonderful moments in my teaching career.
    What did you like most about Skyping with them?
    Keep blogging! You’re an amazing blogger
  2. MiliR
    that post was FANTASTIC!!
    i liked to have a singing friday with the kids from california
    it was beautiful
  3. Joan Young
    Thank you so much for sharing part of your last school day with us!I loved hearing you all sing. We enjoyed sharing and singing with your class too. I hope that you have a wonderful vacation and also look forward to reading more from you in future blogging! Keep up the awesome work.
  4. Miss Cheska
    WHOA! That is amazing! I wish I had Skype growing up! It would have been so cool to have an international/global school concert broad-casted through Skype. Did you decide as a class beforehand what songs you were going to sing, or did you sing whatever came to mind? The poster they made was a very nice gesture! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  5. billy
    Wow that was the best post ever hope you go to calefornia again
  6. Vickucha
    wow great post! I LOVE IT
  7. Reagan
    Awsome Post. Thats so cool.

    Montmartre School
  8. Syd
    Cool! Was it fun
  9. I like your st
    I like your bolg
  10. Jessie
    What a great post! This sounds like such a wonderful experience to share with another classroom. I am a teacher in Georgia in the USA and I know that my students would have really enjoyed something like this too. Keep up the great blogging!

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