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The last day of school was fantastic!!

First we rehearsed for our open class. Second we had our singing fridays with children from california through skype.

And third, we had a picnic, it was fantastic. But when the last bell rang…valen,claruchi and me started crying because we love Greta and she is a cool, good and special teacher that I will never forget. The only thing I want to tell you is that she is a good teacher. On the last day of school all the children are going to feel sad because SHE IS A GOOD TEACHER!!

Greta: you are the one and only GRETA, the amazing teacher. I love you a lot and i will miss you.

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Hi, I am here again I want to tell you that this is one of my favouite videos!!hope you enjoy it

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Hi everybody I am here again!!

Today I want to tell you about my uncle Marcos. He is the best uncle in the world!! I love him very much.

He has lived in Europe for 4 years!! When he left I was very little! So tomorrow I am going to see himĀ againĀ and I am so happy!!



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Check this out !!! this is my favourite part from Madagascar!!

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Check out this gummy bear video! It is so funny!!!