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Hi there!

I’d like to welcome you to our blog. You are going to be sharing your news not only with your family and friends, but also with people around the world.

I’d also like to tell you that I’m very proud of this group. You have all been working very hard this year and you are all making great progress.

I will be reading all your stories and commenting on them. This is OUR project, so remember, it’s very important to read your classmates’ contributions, comment on them and reply to all the comments on your posts too.

I’m sure you’ll all be writing amazing posts.

So…let our blogging adventure begin! ENJOY IT!



PS: Someone you all love, but can’t go to school, wants to say hello. He’ll be also reading your stories. Oh, and he knows you love the song Waka-Waka…


  1. Aviva (@grade1)
    What a great blog post! I love the video of your cat too. I can’t wait to read what all of your students post here. I will definitely be commenting on their posts throughout the year.

    Have a great school year Greta, and please wish your students a great school year from me too!

    Grade 1 Teacher
    Ancaster, ON, Canada
  2. lalo
    you are great greta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. alex
    it’s very funny and I love this project
  4. Ticho
    It is very beautiful. I love Waka-Waka. Cookie is lovely

  5. Ber
    Hi greta I love cookie. He is so funny! I learn a lot with you and I want to learn more.
  6. Vickucha
    Greta I loved what you wrote. I am so lucky to have a teacher like you. I love you and your mom and cookie too, I think cookie will win a oscar or a grammy. I don’t like weekends because i cant see you
    love :)
  7. Tody
    hello, greta. thank you. Cookie dancing waka waka was very funny!!!! jajaja. Welcome too.
  8. Marti
    greta,cookie is very nice,but be careful,he will bite you!!! :) ;)

  9. Martin
    He is very beautiful. I love Waka-Waka and he is very lovely
  10. Pipita
    go cookie go!!
    It is a good video!
  11. MiliM
    hello greta I like your post and I like cookie, he is very lovely.
    cookie is the best!!!
    cookie is beautiful funny and lovely!!!
  12. Valen
    thank you for the present!! I liked it very much:) I don´t know what to write this is the first time that I’m writing on a blog!!! I’ m very happy to be on the internet! The video is very FUNNY
    Best wishes
    PS:kisses for cookie
  13. Claruchi
    greta the surprise was very funny!
    cookie is beautiful!
    I love the blog
  14. MiliR
    I love your surprise, it is very nice
    I am so happy to be on the INTERNET and I love the blog.
    when I get older I think,I will use this blog too.

  15. Chino
    hahahahahahaha! he is very crazy! I love the blog .Thank you!
  16. Bauti
  17. carmen to greta
    greta I love your video!!
    kisses carmen
  18. milim
    I like cookie he is beautiful and funny
    I love cookie!!!
  19. milim
    coookie is the best. it is very lovely
  20. Flor- Bauti´s mom
    Dear all,

    This idea is fantastic!! It is wonderful to share experiences, thoughts, wishes, and so on… it´s like having magic keys that opens a world full of exiting, loving and moving ideas! This magic key that in the first time is personal … invites others to be part of what you are thinking, wishing or shareing.

    It is a way to extend emotions and make new friends, even if you don´t see them because they are not around you.

    I love to join this Magic Team!
    Huge hugs to all of you!!
    great video Greta!
    My friend “vickucha” told me about this site, it is a very good site!
    Some friends that know you, tell me many things about you, and for the things they tell me, you are the best teacher!!!!!
    kisses, greta!
  22. gsandler
    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!

    I really hope we all learn a lot from this.

    Thanks for your comment and support! My students are very excited about this project. You should have seen their faces, when they read your comment. You’re awesome! Thanks again for helping me upload Cookie’s video.

    @Flor (Bauti’s Mom)
    Thanks for your support! I’m so glad you are commenting on the blog. It’s very important to all of us. I liked what you said about having a magic key. We’ll definitely open many new doors.
  23. Aviva (@grade1)
    Greta, your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher! They are a great group, and I love reading and commenting on their blog posts. It gets me excited about going back to school and blogging with my students too.

    Have a great week everyone!
  24. George Couros
    This looks REALLY great! I am glad that you have the kids blogging as well :) What a great way to set up the beginning of the year. You will be amazed at how you will be able to see the growth of everyone over the year. You are also role modeling to them what it will look like which is so important to them to be successful!

    Great job Greta (Great) :)
  25. Sol
    Wow Greta!!!! I loved Cookie’s video! He is very cute!!! He danced very well!!! Continue like that, Greta!!! Kiss Sol…
  26. Audrey Nay
    Great job- all of you
    Keep up the great sharing..wonderful writing… :)
    I hope my kids can do as well when they get blogging.
    I hope you don’t mind if I show them your good work.
  27. Laura Sendón
    Congratulations Greta for this project!! It’s very important for our children. We love you. Laura (Tody’s mother).
  28. Kathy
    I loved reading your students’ blogs! They are off to an amazing start. Will they be communicating in Spanish as well? Communicating with others from all around the world really does show us how similar we all are. I look forward to learning new things from your students!!

    See ya on Twitter, my friend!

    Instructional Coach
    Sioux City, Iowa, USA
  29. Diana
    Hi, Greta and kids!
    I’m really impressed! This is an incredible idea!I’ve read all your students’ posts and I’ve found them fascinating and so well written!!! I’m very proud of you all. This shows the standards the children can achieve when they are motivated. Here they can write when they want about whatever they like and obviously they are enjoying this freedom.
    I hope they keep up sharing their emotions, opinions and stories with us and people from all over the world. I’m sure this will be an unforgettable experience and they will learn much more than in any ordinary lesson.
  30. Miss W.
    G’day Ms Sandler and students,
    I run a student blogging challenge which will be starting about 20th September. Classes and students around the world join in and have a go at the activities I organize about blogging and writing posts. If you are interested in joining as a class, visit
  31. Allie
    Hi, I am one of the kids who skyped with your teacher. You wrote really well for spanish is you first language.
  32. Alexis
    Cool blog! I’m exited just like you. By the way, go back to I wrote back to you since you commented on my blog. :)
  33. Miss W.
    G’day Greta and class,
    There have now been three sets of challenges published on the student challenge blog. I wonder if you have read any of the activities?
  34. Frank
    Hi Ms. Sandler,

    I live in Canada. I am amazed that I am communicating from Canada all the way to you, in Argentina. Thanks!


    Please visit my class blog:

    Please visit my blog page:
  35. Sylvain
    Hi Gsandler
    Oh my gosh the person got bitten by the cat.It must have hurt its like if you would get scratched by a squirrel.
  36. Sam
    Hola soy Sam que acabo de querer decir que ÉSTE ES REALMENTE REALMENTE DIVERTIDO!Oh y su blog es realmente fresco su gusto si I’ts su diario personal:)
    Hi im sam thise is REALLY REALLY FUNNY!Oh ya I really like your blog it’s really cool
  37. Zak
    Hola, me llamo Zak Mi nombre en la clase de español es Gonzalo, our class does the same thing that your class is only were learning Spanish and we have a Spanish Wiki were we can post all kinds of stuff on it and I think that all the videos are great we too are learning how to use animoto and the 6th grade recently skyped your teacher (by the way we are in school and it is winter here although were you guys live its summer) and we thought that it was really cool. Our teacher is trying to get a skype with your class and we’ll be able to see each other. I really like all your videos and blogs and I hope you keep posting! From your friends in Chicago

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