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I will tell you a story….

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I will tell you a story that I have just invented. It’s about three pirates in the year 1312. They had a difficult mission.

One day three pirates had the most difficult mission: they had to find the “never found tower”. Like I told you they were in the year 1312. They didn’t have any equipment except for  a canoe, food and drinks.They had to follow this map:

It looks so easy!!!! Well let’s continue with the story…

They started their trip on the coast of “Malanie”. On the canoe they had a motto “Eat, Drink and Laugh…Altogether” It was fun!! But that was only the first part. When they arrived to the island with no name, because it hadn’t been discovered, the  first thing they had to do was find a new home so they walked for two hours but they didn’t find any good place. A few minutes later they found a kind of hut made with palms so they stayed there. They had food too…At night a tiger came and….

WOW what a disaster!!! they were fine, sleeping and suddenly they were surrounded by tigers! So they got up immediately and started to fight. The three pirates won but they finished hurt because the tigers hurt them. Later they continued walking around the island and they found a spider and they rode an elephant!!!

On the 8th day they arrived to the other side of the island, they built another canoe and continued with their trip, but this time it rained. Luckily, it did not rain very hard. When they arrived to the next island they walked for four hours. Then they got to the bridge “the middle”.The bridge was not safe and broke. It was horrible!!!

When they were crossing the bridge one of the pirates almost fell and the others caught him. He was lucky!! Finally they built another canoe and they discovered the “never found tower” and now it isn’t the “never found tower” anymore. It is the “three pirates tower”



  1. kenns61
    Hi Marti,
    That is an amazing story. I really like the name on the pirate’s canoe. I’m wondering about the elephant. Was it tame or did they need to catch it in order to ride it? I think it would be wonderfully fun to ride an elephant. I’m sure glad that the pirates found the tower after all that adventure.

    It’s clear that you really like writing and you are good at it. Keep writing as much as possible. I would suggest buying a dollar store type book to write your story ideas in it and draw pictures of things that are interesting to you. That’s what I ask my students to do. Take it with you to restaurants, in the car, to your friends house and write, write, write.

    All the best to you,
    Kerry (Mrs. Enns)
    Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  2. gsandler
    WOW, Marti!
    What an amazing post! I loved it! Did you draw that map?
    You’re so good at writing! What a creative story!
    I totally agree with Kerry, you should buy some kind of notebook and write, write and write! Please, keep blogging! Can’t wait to read your next post!
    Awesome job, Marti!
  3. Dr.B.
    I agree with Mrs. Enns and Greta! You need a sketch book so you can illustrate your story and tell it. I LOVE your imagination Marti. May I share your story with my college students?
    Dr. B
    University of South Alabama
  4. Aviva (@grade1)
    Wow! What an awesome story. I love how you included the map too. My students would love this! I teach my Grade 1′s about mapping at the end of the year. I’m going to use your blog post to show them how to make a map. They’ll be thrilled!

    Keep on blogging!
    Grade 1 Teacher
    Ancaster, ON, Canada
  5. Vickucha
    I really liked your map and also your story
  6. Marti
    thank you for writing a comment
  7. Marti
    thank you for your comment!!!!!!!! I am very proud of myself!!!!!!
  8. Marti
    of course! you can share my post, I will be very proud!!!!!
  9. Marti
    thank you greta!!!!!!!
    I drew this map especially for this!!!!!!!
    and I will buy a special writing book!!!!!
  10. Marti
    thank you for your comment!!!!!!!
    and yes they had to catch the elephant!!!!!
  11. Mr. Ed
    What a fun and exciting story! I love your map — how did you draw it? Good luck with your writing notebook — I like to get small ones that fit in my pocket and carry them everywhere.

    Keep up the great work.
  12. Kevin
    Hi Marti,

    I really enjoyed your story! I felt like I was right there in the canoe with the pirates eating, drinking, and laughing :) With all that adventure, I’m sure glad they found the tower – I was getting worried.

    I draw, too and you did a wonderful job on your map! I carry several Moleskin sketchbooks with me wherever I go. I keep one in my car, by my bed, and in my backpack. Sometimes I write ideas, short stories, or draw pictures. You never know when you will get an idea!

    Kevin from Memphis, TN., U.S.

    p.s. I found this blog on a link by Greta (@gret), Re-Tweeted by Karen (@KaSpill)on Twitter.
  13. alex
    what an interesting story! if you invent another story, please post it
  14. Gary Hewgley
    Nice story! Maybe you should write a book. I also loved you map – the best stories always seem to have pictures.

  15. jill
    you did an awsome job on your story. Someday you should write stories.
  16. alexzandra
  17. Brittany
    You did great.
  18. thomasm
    Dear Marti,
    Great story its very interesting we loved it you should keep on blogging.
    We loved it from the beginning.
    We’re from Melbourne in Australia
  19. Anthony
    Hello Marti,

    This is such an exciting story with a great picture of a map as well! I love that you so intertwined such fantastic characters as elephants, tigers, spiders, and pirates all in one story. What inspired you? Whenever I read books or watch movies, I especially like the action scenes– I think they reveal a lot about who a person is on the inside. I would love to read more about how your pirates fended off the wild tigers!

    This story was very special to me because jut two summers ago I got to ride an elephant in Thailand! The elephant crossed a log with water gushing over it with such grace that I was AMAZED! The elephant I rode was a mother, so her baby tagged along the whole trip– it was very cute. The most thrilling part of the experience was when my guide got off of the elephant and let me steer on my own. Apparently, I was not very good because the elephant decided to stop to scratch her head voraciously against a leaning tree on the side of a cliff. After a little panicking on my part, and much prodding on the, now attentive, guides part, we continued our trek through the Thai jungle peacefully.

    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful story, it brought back many fun memories.

    I forgot to mention earlier that I am a student of elementary education at the University of South Alabama. Right now, I study under Dr. B and Dr. Strange. I am so thankful they led me to your site! You can follow my blog by clicking Anthony’s Blog.
  20. Tincho
    wow marti it amazing that story kep going like that
  21. Ron
    Great Story Marti!

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