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Our Future: “The Bloggers”

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Hello, this is our blog, and i love it. I am so proud of me and my classmates because we’ve published 58 posts and we’ve received around 900 comments!!! We feel like famous people. I am so happy that many people from around the world are commenting on our stories, this helps us learn about what happens to other people and we can also learn one of the most important languages in the world, English, I love it! It also helps us to talk with people who live in Japan or in France. This is why I want to congratulate all of us that write on this blog and all of you that read this blog. I also want to congratulate those who have never read our blog, because I know that in a few days they will check it out and love it!

XOXO Vickucha :)


  1. gsandler
    Wow! I LOVED this post! I agree with you Vickucha! You should be very proud of yourselves! Congratulations! You’re doing an amazing job.
    I’m so glad you love the blog. I really enjoy reading all your stories!
    What do you like most about blogging? You wrote many posts, which one is your favorite? Why?
    Keep blogging! Can’t wait to read another story!
  2. Marsha
    Good job onthe stories!
    Hope you do
  3. Mrs. Ripp
    I think your class has done an incredible job in all of your writing and you make me even more excited to have my students blog as well. Go you ever run out of things to blog about? Do you only do it at school or do you do it from home as well?

    I think you should mark on a world map all of the places you have gotten comments from, how cool would that be!

    Mrs. Ripp
    Wisconsin, USA
  4. Miss W.
    What a fantastic post! I agree with Mrs Ripp about having a map somewhere showing all the places your visitors have come from. Can you put a clustrmap on the kidblog blogs? Check out the clustrmap on my class blog at
  5. Robyn
    Hi from New Zealand. Your class sure have worked hard on your blogs. Isn’t it exciting to get comments from all round the world?
  6. Mr. Mc

    Really enjoy reading what is important to students. Blogging is such a great way to get your message out to the world. Be proud, and keep on sharing what is important to you !

    Mr. McDonald (@rmcdonald17)
  7. Susan Young
    Hello Vickucha,

    You are correct. I LOVE your class’s blogging and am amazed that 58 blog entries have generated 900 comments! That is a great and interesting statistic.

    I feel the same way that you do about meeting people from around the world. You write like you’re a native English speaker. Is English your second language? I would not have known that. It’s an interesting insight that speaking/writing English has made it possible for you to “talk” with others around the world, especially in countries where English is not the first language.

    Ms. Young (@susyoun)
  8. Jo Hart
    A beautiful generous post! How lovely of you to congratulate all of your classmates. I hope you continue to learn about and enjoy talking with people from many different places – by the way I am in Western Australia – I hope this is another new place for a visitor to your blog
  9. Paige V. Baggett
    I am in Mobile, AL in the United States and love seeing the posts your classmates get from all over the world. Blogging is so educational and your reflection is very exciting!Keep up the good work Vickucha!
    Dr. B
  10. Shelly Terrell in Germany
    Congratulations to each of you! Reading this post makes me smile! I think it is incredible that you get to communicate with people all over the world! Keep up the great work!
  11. MiliR
    you are right!!I’m proud of us too
  12. Vickucha
    i dont have a favorite story
  13. Luciana Podschun @inglesinteract
    What a lovely post! Your teacher, Greta must very proud of all of you. Your group are doing an excellent job, besides improving the writing skills. It so nice to get to know people around the world and you are doing the right thing. Needless to say that indeed you are getting famous with your wonderful postings!

    Luciana Podschun
    English Teacher
    Diadema, SP, Brazil
  14. Michael Thomas
    Wow 50 posts how many days years or months has your blog been opened?
  15. Pin 6ss
    oh cool we also have our own blog in 6ss bangkok thailand i know how it feels so famous!!!! its like everybody is looking at you blogging things down your school does a very cool blog!!!

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