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PigeonShip was founded on usability, practicality and necessity. The concept stemmed from a mixture of increasing pricey postal services, gas prices, convenience, and most of all, the potential to put cash in the pockets of people that commute to and from locations where a package needs to go.- local

How about eco friendly? Everyday millions of packages are delivered. Trucks, semis, and also other gas-guzzling vehicles are used to transport these packages to and from. PigeonShip removes the gas-guzzlers and sets a sender in contact having an person (Pigeon) commuting because very same direction. This implies no costly extra fuel and no additional expense for the Pigeon (deliverer) while also putting extra cash that is needed in the Pigeons pocket. So, why not do your part.

Economics and convenience? Why not pay a fraction of the cost to send a thing and simply have it PigeonShipped? Also, why not have your item picked up than you waiting and driving in line in the post office. And last, it is not essential to spend time and money packaging up a thing and shielding it 'postal journey'. Only hand over the item' is' and have it delivered instantly, many times the very same day-- something the largest postal businesses can't compete.- local

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