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New Challenger For Apple iPad - Acer Tablet Computers

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The Apple iPad has been dominating what comes to the escalating tablet computer market. Rivals are developing their own products intensively, and latest manufacturer pushing out a range of tablet computers is Acer. They may be bringing new, yet unnamed, 7-inch, 10.1-inch tablets then one other very interesting device to sale in April 2011. - handheld pill press

The 3 devices are run by Google's Android Operating System. Exact version of OS is not really yet confirmed. Keep your fingers crossed that one or more from the three is going to be packed with "Gingerbread" (Android 2.3) or even "Honeycomb" (Android 3.? ), that will be Google's latest version of Android. Honeycomb platform is specially made to get most out of the tablets and-end smartphones. Just like for devices similar to this upcoming new bigger tablets and 4.8-inch Acer.

It really is sort of hybrid between tablet/smartphone, nearly the same as the Dell Streak, However, Acer's device has more life in it (power). This 4.8-inch includes 1024X480! screen resolution and is based on Google's mobile OS. While scripting this article, there is no finalized name for this cool product yet. Public got just a short glance at it, in Acer's Global press event in New York on 23rd of November. Tech specs include, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Bluetooth 3., 802.11n Wi-Fi, a two megapixel camera (front), eight megapixel camera (rear) (with LED flash), 720p video recording! , HSDPA support, a and an HDMI output, a LED edge lighting and six-axis Gyroscope accelerometer package. Enthusiast can expect to get this beauty to their hands on April 2011, though price of the device remains unknown. - handheld pill press

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