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What is Anxiety Part 1: Stress Response, the Core of Anxiety

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what is anxiety
Anxiety is when an individual feeling nervous, anxious, jumpy and fear. Very often, a person who is experiencing depression also will experience anxiety. Anxiety includes panic, general anxiety, social anxiety, phobias yet others. Anything the important thing would be to control preventing it immediately.

stress response
People who are struggling with panic attacks and anxiety attack will often feel because they are having cardiac arrest. The reason being they will often feel breathless and pain in the chest. Anxiety attacks will raise our blood pressure levels, it's very dangerous as a person could possibly faint through the attacks.

Anxiety attacks usually a result of lack of confidence. The person will have a tendency to think that they are worthless and feel so stress and fear specially when they required performing a presentation or speech in front of someone. They may be over conscious about how men and women examine them and think negative on them, which can be just an imagination for many years and it's also fake.

They will often feel uneasy and worried easily even it's really a small thing. During the night, they are having trouble to rest which will cause tiredness rather than able to stay focus the following day. Tiredness will make a person being angry, irritable and feel like you are out of control over your behavior.

It is very unhealthy to suffer from anxiety for too long, admit it and have it solved fast. You can find natural options, techniques and coverings online regarding how to handle your stressful life or seek help from professional counselor to teach the actual skill to manage preventing anxiety.

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